AD360 Admin Guide

AD360 Administrator's Guide

This guide contains detailed information about the product, and provides instructions for system administrators on how to set up and configure AD360.

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AD360 - Quick Start Guide

This guide will help you deploy AD360 and its components. PDF

AD360 Privileges and Permissions Guide

This guide lists the permissions required for using the various features of AD360. PDF

AD360 System and Port Requirements

This guide lists the hardware, software, and port requirements of AD360. PDF

Security Measures Available in AD360

Learn the security measures available in AD360 to ensure data confidentiality PDF

Securing AD360 Installation

Guide to improve the security of your AD360 deployment. PDF

Identify and mitigate the unauthenticated product integration vulnerability

Knowledge base to identify and mitigate the unauthenticated product integration vulnerabilityView Online

Database Migration from PostgreSQL to MS SQL

Learn how to migrate AD360 from its default database to MS SQL database PDF

AD360 High Availability Guide

Learn how to set up high availability for AD360 and its components PDF

Reverse Proxy Guide

Learn how to use AD360 as a reverse proxy server PDF

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Success Stories

AD360 helps HEART Trust automate Active Directory tasks PDF
AD360 helps Interstates Control Systems Manage its Active Directory PDF
Cimarron improves help desk productivity and cuts expenses using AD360 PDF