Browser Security Add-on for Endpoint Central MSP

Secure your clients' browsers with Endpoint Central MSP's Browser Security Add-on!

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Benefits of the Browser Security Feature in Endpoint Central MSP

Browsers today are available from anywhere and are available on all endpoints. Browsers are used by almost every organization and pose as a significant attack vector through which cybercriminals could target MSPs and their clients. Most malware is spread through browsers, making it a priority for MSPs to manage and secure all browsers on their clients' endpoints. Proper endpoint security can significantly reduce your clients' exposure to malware on the internet. Comprehensive endpoint security starts with browsers, and Endpoint Central MSP's Browser Security add-on promises just that!

Add-on control & management

Exercise control over installation and usage of browser extensions and plugins.

Web filter

Control access to the internet by providing or denying access to specific sites.

Download filter

Restrict file downloads from unauthorized websites and ensure secure browsing.

Browser routing

Automatically direct legacy web-applications to legacy browsers when opened in modern browsers.

Java Rules Manager

Assign specific Java versions to web-applications based on requirements.

Browser Customization

Manage bookmarks, set default browsers, configure policies to enhance browser security, and tailor browser settings to suit your Organizational requirements.

Browser Lockdown

Enforce kiosk mode with IT approved websites and business web applications.

Browser compliance

Discover computers' compliance status with security configurations and achieve 100% compliance.


To Enable the Browser Security add-on:

Log on to the web console, and navigate to Admin > Add-Ons > Browser Security add-on > Enable Now.

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