ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP 9 Hotfix Readme  

Enhancements and Bug Fixes between 90023 and 90033


  1. Desktop Central Agent is optimized to reduce CPU and memory usage.

  2. You can now manage screensavers, wallpapers and install font files using Display configuration.

  3. When you configure Desktop Central MDM to track the location of the devices, it automatically downloads and configures Google Maps to show the device location on a map.

  4. Ability to view files with the modified date has been introduced in Remote Control - File Transfer.

  5. Desktop shortcut has been introduced to navigate to "Desktop" folder from the "Home" directory in Remote Control - File Transfer.

  6. While creating/modifying Groups, devices can now be identified using User Name, in addition to the Device Name.

  7. Ability to restrict users from disabling GPS, on their android device has been introduced.

  8. Ability to restrict users from disabling Cellular data, on their android device has been introduced.

Bug Fixes 

  1. Issue in maintaining the Distribution Server details in random cases has been fixed.

  2. Issue in using 'Deploy Immediately' option, while applying the configuration to a large target has been fixed.

  3. While deploying a configuration, issue in excluding 'custom group' from the target has been fixed.

  4. Issue in generating Patch Summary has been fixed.

  5. Issue in wrongly applying a registry file, while deploying a custom script configuration has been fixed.

  6. Issue in distributing paid Apps using redemption codes has been fixed.

  7. Issue in creating profiles using Internet Explorer browser has been fixed.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes between 90000 and 90023


  1. Ability to distribute paid iOS Apps using Managed Distribution has been added.

  2. Support for migrating unused VPP redemption codes to Managed Distribution Licensing is added

  3. Support for silent installation of Enterprise iOS App on supervised devices has been added.

  4. When a device is remotely wiped (corporate wipe), the unused redemption codes, if any, on that device will be available for use on other devices.

  5. In App Distribution, the previously chosen values for silent installation and notifications will be remembered.

  6. App upgradation has been enhanced with appropriate onscreen messages and mail notifications.

  7. When a app license is revoked from an iOS device, the App is removed from the device/App Catalog.

  8. When multiple versions of an App is installed on a device (by way of upgrading), issue in wrongly displaying the installed version has been fixed.

  9. Under Scheduled reports, you can now filter Missing/Applicable/Installed Patch Reports based on systems.

  10. Ability to automate Patch Repository cleanup process has been introduced.

  11. Ability to move MAC computers from one remote office to another has been introduced.

  12. Patch DB Sync mail alert, is now enhanced with details on latest patches and applications.

  13. Ability to wipe the data on the SD card for SAFE devices has been introduced. 

Bug Fixes 

  1. Issue in displaying the license details of an App when it has been modified is fixed.

  2. Issue in creating Exchange Active Sync Profile without user name for android devices, has been fixed.

  3. When a device which was wiped using Desktop Central is re-enrolled, issue in listing it as a new device has been fixed.

  4. Issue in initiating chat from computers running Windows 8.1 has been fixed.

  5. Issue in creating local admin account using configuration templates has been fixed.

  6. Issue in wrongly displaying the model name in place of the owner name in inventory has been fixed.

  7. Issue in wrongly updating the computer name in place of model name in ServiceDesk Plus MSP has been fixed.

  8. Issue in continuously running more than one on-demand tasks, like Inventory/Patch scan, Deploy Immediately, etc., has been fixed..

  9. Issue while applying some specific criteria to the dynamic custom group has been fixed.


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