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Free Azure Performance Monitor – Features

ManageEngine Free Azure Performance Monitor tool helps system administrator or developer to monitor resource utilization of Web/Worker Role instances. This tool can connect to the Windows Azure environment, monitor live feed data and historical data of Web/Worker Role Instances.

Dashboard View

Dashboard quickly shows the important counters like CPU Utilization, Memory Utilizations details in a elegant graph. If CPU-Utilization graph or Memory Utilization graph is clicked, tool will show detailed view of that particular graph. Tool also populates details of the few other counters such as ASP performance counters.

Dashboard also shows glimpse of Event log of its corresponding Role.

Graphs for Performance Counters

Each performance counter is represented as a graph so that user can visualize the data. Moreover the maximum, minimum and average values of the counters are presented to the user. This helps the user to identify the deviation of values for that performance counter.

The performance counters are shown based on the configuation done in the Azure Environment for that particular Role.

Default performance counters shown are given as below.

CPU Utilization

The Processor\% Processor Time provides the CPU Utilization for that particular Role. This counter provides the percentage of time all threads spend using the processors.

Memory Utilization

The Memory\Available MBytes provides the amount of physical RAM available

ASP.NET Counters

Tool shows Historical data and Live feed data in elegant graphs and reports.

History Data

When the graph is configured to show historical data, the data between a particular time frame is shown to the user. This graph will not be refreshed like Live data. When a new time frame is selected the data within the selected time frame is retrieved and rendered as graph and shown to the user.

Live Feed Data

Tool fetches data in real time and plots graph continuously, based on the data fetch interval.

Graph Zoom In/Out

The data rendered in graph can be further analyzed by zooming in/out and viewing the detailed data in the X-Axis. The data in the X-Axis shows you the date and time corresponding to the points plotted in the graph.

Event Logs

This table provides the latest events that has occurred in the Windows Azure environment. This table lists the following fields