Azure Performance Monitor tool - FAQ

1. I have downloaded the tool but it is not running. What should I do?

Please check whether the Dot Net platform is installed in your system. Run the utility available in the bin directory, DotNetUtilities.exe, it will inform you the Dot Net version. If Dot Net platform is not available in your system, download the platform. This tool requires Dot Net Version 4 for it to run successfully. So please see the software requirements page for downloading the platform.

2. I have connected to my Azure environment successfully. But I don't see any counters. What is the problem.

You need to enable performance monitoring in your Azure environment. There are 3rd party software which helps you to do this. After you have done that configuration, you can monitor your environment with this tool.

3. Can I monitor only one Azure Account ?

Yes. You can monitor only one azure account.

4. Can I monitor more than one Roles in my environment.

Yes you can monitor all the roles deployed in an environment.

To monitor more servers simultaneously please visit or send mail to