Free Ping Tool - Documents


The ManageEngine FREE Ping tool is a simple yet powerful tool with an elegant UI that helps to issue ping requests to "Multiple IP Addresses" in a single instance. And can find the health of the sever continuously for a maximum of 10 hosts. The ping data such as Ipaddress, RoundTripTime, Time To Live (Ttl), Buffer Size and the status are shown in a table.

Add remote hosts to monitor

The user can enter either a HostName or the IPAddress of the remote host in the Addressfield. Multiple IP Addresses / Hostnames can be added by either clicking the Add button or pressing the "Enter" Key in the Address field. The ping tool monitors a maximum of 10 hosts . This will populate the host details in the ping tool table. Later, Ping tool will send ping requests to every host to be monitored after clicking the start button.

Start the tool

After entering all the hostnames or IPAdress in a table then click Start button. When the start button is clicked all the ping data values will be populated in table at a the specified refresh interval.

Stop the tool

The "Stop" button helps the user to stop issuing ping requests to all the populated hosts.


The user can clear the data available in the table as well as in the graph, by clicking 'clear'. To clear the data and the graph, the user has to stop the ping and then click clear icon.

Refresh Interval

By default the refresh interval will be set to 5 minutes. The user can modify the refresh interval according to the need.

Refresh Now

The user can refresh the data available in the table by clicking refresh button this will refresh the table and graph.

Status Icons


Collected ping data will be populated in a table.

Email, Save Option

Email Settings Properties :

The Email Settings properties allow you to specify where emails will be sent.

Attachments :

Save Option :

The save option enables the user to "Save" the Ping Data, Ping Graph and Trace details as bit map in application bin directory. All the data will be saved based on date & time.