Free SharePoint Health Monitor Tool


  • Monitors SharePoint 2010 and 2007 Servers
  • Monitors IIS Server and Web Directories
  • Monitors MS SQL Servers Environment
  • SharePoint Service running state
  • SharePoint Site Response Details
  • Real–time monitoring tool
Free SharePoint Health Monitor Tool

Free SharePoint Monitoring Tool

Need to monitor the performance of SharePoint servers? We have the perfect tool for you! Free SharePoint Health Monitor tool helps keep a close watch on SharePoint environment such as SharePoint Site, IIS server, MSSQL server and Host server.

SharePoint Monitoring - ManageEngine Free Tools

SharePoint Monitoring – Dashboard

  • View host servers details for CPU, memory and disk space utilization
  • View SharePoint details such as state, current/maximum connections, IIS state,  ASP request queued and more
  • Set critical and warning threshold values for Host servers  CPU, memory and disk space utilization
SharePoint Performance Monitor - ManageEngine Free Tools

Monitor SharePoint Performance

  • Monitor SharePoint site response time and status of the services it offers
  • View IIS server details and IIS web directory list
  • View MSSQL server details such as buffer cache hit ratio, free pages, pages read/write per sec and SQL cache memory