As an IT security professional, you are responsible for the safety of personal data that your enterprise collects, stores, and/or processes. To ensure personal data security, you should adopt technical measures that will not only help preempting data breach attempts, but also detect and report active data breaches to minimize the attack impact.

Article 33 of the GDPR - Notification of data breaches to supervisory authorities of the GDPR outlines the technical measures that organizations should implement to effectively spot, report, and analyze data breaches within 72-hours of its occurrence.

Join our GDPR webinar and learn:

Join us to know:

  • What Article 33 of the GDPR means.
  • How a SIEM solution can help you meet the requirements stated in Article 33.
  • The best practices to
    • Reduce breach dwell time.
    • Instantly detect data breaches.
    • Analyze the breach impacts.
  • Report on data breaches within the 72-hour deadline.

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