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Azure Active Directory management

The native Microsoft 365 portal allows administrators to perform all operations relating to Azure AD management. However, the Microsoft 365 portal has limitations that cannot be discounted, like when it comes to modifying the attributes of multiple users or groups simultaneously. Many administrative actions—like restoring multiple deleted users or changing the manager attribute for multiple users—become a chore because bulk management is not an option.

Administrators need a tool that not only performs all Azure AD management tasks, but will also perform bulk modifications. M365 Manager Plus makes Azure Active Directory management effortless.

M365 Manager Plus substantially reduces the amount of time spent on management tasks by enabling administrators to manage users, groups, and licenses all in bulk.

With M365 Manager Plus, perform the following functions:

User Management

Users are the fundamental part of any organization. M365 Manager Plus provides administrators with many features to efficiently manage users.

  • Reset passwords: Import a list of users whose passwords you would like to reset, or search for specific users and reset their passwords manually. Enter a specific password, or let M365 Manager Plus assign a random password.
  • Block or unblock users: Block or unblock users—either individually or in bulk—in just a few clicks.
  • Delete or restore users: Delete or restore users imported from a list, instantly from your Azure AD. M365 Manager Plus also allows you to delete or restore individual users.
  • Modify user attributes: Edit address and contact attributes, and change users' managers, domains, and multi-factor authentication techniques in bulk.

Group Management

Manage all your Azure AD groups and configure group properties from a single window. Configure which kinds of senders (internal, external, or both) can email groups.

Contacts Management

M365 Manager Plus allows you to manage all your Azure AD contacts in bulk. With M365 Manager Plus, you can:

Delete contacts: Delete long lists of contacts by importing a CSV file.

Modify contact attributes: Edit general attributes, contact information, and other contact attributes in your Azure Active Directory.

License Management

Manage your Microsoft 365 licenses with M365 Manager Plus to optimize your use of available licenses.

Assign licenses: Import a CSV file to assign Microsoft 365 licenses to multiple users at once, or assign licenses individually.

Remove licenses: Remove licenses assigned to users in a single click.

Modify licenses: Import a list of users and modify their Microsoft 365 licenses quickly.


Benefits of Azure AD Management from M365 Manager Plus

Bulk Management

Manage users, licenses, and groups in bulk to make Azure AD management easy.

Holistic Microsoft 365 Management

Manage, audit, and report on the happenings of your Microsoft 365 environment from a single window.

Manage multiple Microsoft 365 accounts

Configure multiple Microsoft 365 accounts and manage them all from a single console.

Efficient Azure AD management is just a click away!

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