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Azure Active Directory reports

M365 Manager Plus provides an easy way to access information in Azure Active Directory (AD). Keep track of your users, groups, contacts, and licenses in Azure AD with the exhaustive, preconfigured reports in M365 Manager Plus.

From identifying inactive or deleted users, to tracking soon to expire licenses, M365 Manager Plus gives you the information you need to make quick decisions and manage your Azure AD effectively. Schedule reports, export them in a particular format (CSV, PDF, XLSX, or HTML), or embed them in the page of your choice for easy sharing.

User reports

Monitor every aspect of Azure AD user accounts, including their account status, password status, and logon details. Use M365 Manager Plus' preconfigured user reports to stay on top of Azure AD user management and increase employee productivity while minimizing security threats. M365 Manager Plus' Azure AD user reports are split into four categories:

  • General user details reports: See which users were recently created or deleted as well as those who are in the cloud or synced with on-premises AD. Identify users who have attributes missing, such as incomplete information about their manager, to keep accounts accurate and up to date.
  • Account status reports: Locate inactive users, including users who have never signed on to Exchange, to remove their licenses and cut costs. Identify users who have been locked out so you can quickly resolve their situation.
  • Password status reports: Enforce strict password policies by utilizing reports on passwords that never expire, users with unchanged passwords, user accounts' multi-factor authentication settings, soon-to-expire passwords, and users with expired passwords.
  • User logon reports: Track unusual logon behavior by reporting on user logon activity, recent logon failures, and recent successful logons. Detect intruders and early signs of attack with detailed user logon information.

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Group reports

Fetch details about user groups available in Azure AD to view all available distribution lists and security groups, as well as their owners and members. M365 Manager Plus' Azure AD group reports are split into three categories:

  • General group details reports: Retrieve details on recently created, modified, and deleted groups, as well as groups without owners and the top number of largest groups.
  • Member-based information reports: Optimize group usage by accurately tracking group memberships with lists of group members, users in multiple groups, and users who aren't members of any group. Details about group size, groups with disabled users, and empty groups help you determine which users and groups to remove.
  • Group types reports: Identify distribution lists, security groups, and dynamic distribution groups available in Azure AD.

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Contact reports

M365 Manager Plus lets you keep an eye on your Azure AD contacts with information about available contacts and their email activity, inactive contacts, and more. M365 Manager Plus' Azure AD contact reports provide details about the contacts list, as well as information on recently created, modified, and deleted contacts. Key contact reports include:

  • Contacts audit log report: Track contact changes and gain insights into who is performing those changes and when.
  • Contacts activity report: Get details on which contacts have sent and received emails in the past seven days.
  • Inactive contacts report: See which contacts have been inactive for the past seven days.

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License reports

Optimize the use of critical resources, like licenses, to reduce your organization's IT costs. M365 Manager Plus is built for effective license management, with multiple reports on Microsoft 365 licenses. Our license reports help you track things like which users are licensed or unlicensed, which mailboxes have licenses, as well as which licenses have been recently modified. Other important license reports include:

  • License details report: With a single click, view complete details on the number of licenses purchased, as well as the count of purchased, assigned, expired, locked out, and remaining valid licenses.
  • Soon-to-expire licenses report: Know which licenses are about to expire to renew licenses at the right time.
  • License by service report: Fetch details on licenses consumed by Microsoft 365 services and see which users they are assigned to.

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