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Microsoft 365 mailbox size reports

Get a complete view of all the Exchange Online mailboxes in your organization, including information on the size of each one. Prevent out-of-control mailboxes, such as those that exceed size limits or send and receive more than the alloted amount of email, by utilizing real-time data on everything from end-user quotas to email consumption and activity levels.

Microsoft 365 mailbox size reports help you efficiently plan capacity and support administrative decisions, thereby ensuring smooth operations. With M365 Manager Plus, the complete Microsoft 365 solution, these reports can be scheduled to run at fixed intervals, emailed to administrators, and exported to CSV, XLSX (Microsoft Excel), PDF (Adobe Acrobat), or HTML formats.

Microsoft 365 mailbox size reports include:

Mailbox Size

M365 Manager Plus Mailbox Size Report

View a current list of all mailboxes in your Microsoft 365 environment, along with their respective sizes. See the number of items in each mailbox, the size of all items in a particular mailbox, the total size of the message table, and how much space is left in each message table. Furthermore, you can sort the top 10 mailboxes by size and display them on a bar graph.

Mailbox Size Restrictions

M365 Manager Plus Mailbox Size Restrictions Report

Impose mailbox size restrictions to make sure your users aren't consuming too much server storage space. View a list of all users with Microsoft 365 mailbox limits set to Issue Warning, Prohibit Send, and Prohibit Receive. You can also generate information on metrics—such as archive size and the quota assigned to the archive—to issue warnings based on quota consumption.

Current Mailbox Size vs. Quota

M365 Manager Plus Mailbox Size Quota Report

Keep track of all your Microsoft 365 mailboxes and their current sizes in comparison to their allocated quotas. Generate a real-time graph of the top 10 mailboxes based on quota consumption to efficiently manage your mailboxes and prevent overuse.

Archive Mailbox Sizes

Archive Mailbox Sizes

Archive your emails to quickly retrieve important messages when you need them. View data on the number of emails users have archived and their sizes. Use this report's graph to see your users' archive mailbox size.

Mailbox Storage Information

Mailbox Storage Information

Get information on where your users' mailboxes are stored. View details such as server name, database name, whether a database is licensed or not, and more. Use this report to quickly find mailboxes when you need to back up data for legal compliance.

Analyze mailbox size statistics effortlessly with detailed reports.

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