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Microsoft 365 Mobile Devices Report

M365 Manager Plus' mobile device reports help you keep track of all the Microsoft 365 ActiveSync-enabled mobile devices. This reporting suite maps users' mobile devices with their corresponding Microsoft 365 mailboxes and policies to return indispensable information. As more and more organizations have started to embrace bring your own device policies, these reports become even more essential, especially because they're much easier than Microsoft 365's native tools or complicated PowerShell scripts.

With M365 Manager Plus, the complete Microsoft 365 solution, these reports can be scheduled to run at fixed intervals, emailed to administrators, and exported to CSV, XLSX (Microsoft Excel), PDF (Adobe Acrobat), or HTML formats.

Report types

Mobile devices: This report displays all the Microsoft 365 mobile devices that are configured to synchronize with their users' mailboxes. It includes mobile device information such as user name, device name, device type, device ID, first sync, and device IMEI number. Based on this information, you can track any specific device in case there's a security breach.

Mobile devices based on OS: This report primarily displays the operating system for each ActiveSync-enabled mobile device in your Microsoft 365 environment. It also includes information on Globally Unique Identifier and OS language.

Mobile devices by policy: This report reveals the current ActiveSync policy applied to each user's mobile device. Furthermore, you can also view when the mobile device's policy was last updated.

Mobile devices by manufacturer: This report lists the manufacturer of every Microsoft 365 ActiveSync-enabled mobile device, including information on device operators.

Device policy application status: This report reveals the extent to which the ActiveSync policies are applied to users' mobile devices. An ActiveSync policy can be applied in full or in part.

Mobile devices by client: This report lists the client type for every synchronized mobile device in your Microsoft 365 environment. The client type can either be Microsoft Outlook Web Access or Exchange ActiveSync. It also includes information on the client version.

Folders synchronized per device: This report lists the number of folders synchronized for every ActiveSync-enabled mobile device in your Microsoft 365 environment.

Device by access state: This report gives you information on the access state of all your users' mobile devices so that you know which devices are and are not allowed to access their users' Microsoft 365 mailboxes. It also specifies the reason for the device access state and the rule responsible for that state.

Inactive ActiveSync devices: This report displays the details of mobile devices that haven't been synchronized with your Microsoft 365 environment for a given period of time. It includes information on the time of last successful sync and last attempted sync. This information lets you make informed decisions on deleting or reinstating Microsoft 365 inactive mobile devices.

Active mobile devices: This report gives you a detailed list of devices that are linked to active mailboxes. It provides details such as Display Name, Device Type, Last Successful Sync, Device ID, and more.

M365 Manager Plus' mobile device reports help you better manage your Microsoft 365 ActiveSync-enabled mobile devices by getting down to the specifics of ActiveSync use in your organization.

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