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SharePoint Online management

Managing SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365 is an essential task for organizations that deal with large volume of information in their SharePoint environment. The default SharePoint admin center can get overwhelming to use at times when you want to modify permissions in bulk or control site usage by individual groups.

There is a growing need for a SharePoint Online management tool that can make SharePoint site management more efficient than the native admin center. M365 Manager Plus offers convenient bulk operations in a user-friendly interface, which helps administrators execute their SharePoint Online permission management and SharePoint group administration effortlessly.

With M365 Manager Plus, you can:

  • Manage site permissions: Assign and un-assign permissions like Edit, Design, Contribute, Full Control, and more for multiple site members in a single operation. You can run a name search to select the site members for whom site permissions are to be modified.

    Manage site permissions for SharePoint Online site

  • Create and remove site groups Create and remove SharePoint groups conveniently. You can use creation templates to automatically fill in standardized values when creating a group and use name search to delete SharePoint groups in bulk.

    Create site groups in SharePoint Online

  • Modify site group memberships Modify SharePoint group memberships in just a few clicks. You can use name search or import a CSV file to add or remove members from SharePoint groups in bulk.

    Manage SharePoint Online groups  in SharePoint Online

Benefits of using M365 Manager Plus for SharePoint Online management

Template-based management: Create SharePoint group creation templates with preconfigured values and control what values your technicians can view and edit. Cut the time spent on mundane tasks, maximize productivity, and overcome the shortcomings of the native SharePoint Admin Center.

Granular SharePoint Online permission management: M365 Manager Plus provides granular rules that define site permissions for SharePoint group members. These rules can be easily managed with M365 Manager Plus' user-friendly interface.

Secure delegation: Grant technicians access to SharePoint Online management tasks without giving them complete access over your Microsoft 365 environment.

Efficient SharePoint Online management is just a click away!

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