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Microsoft 365 User Reports

M365 Manager Plus helps you track all user accounts in your Microsoft 365 environment with its extensive set of preconfigured user reports. These reports are a better alternative to cumbersome PowerShell scripts and give you all the important information you need about your Microsoft 365 users with just a few clicks. This web-based tool lets you export your reports to PDF, XLSX, HTML, and CSV file formats. You can also schedule the time at which you want the reports to be generated.

Reports in this category include:

  • All Users
  • Cloud Users
  • Synced Users
  • Deleted Users
  • All Managers
  • Users With Managers
  • Users Without Managers
  • User with Empty Attributes
  • Users with Same Attribute Values
  • Recently Created Users
  • Recently Modified Users
  • Recently Deleted Users
  • User Created Objects
  • Users with DirSync Provisioning Error
  • Exchange Online Users
  • Guest Users
  • Users with Photo
  • Users without Photo

All Users:

M365 Manager Plus All Users

This report gives you a detailed look at all the users created in the Microsoft 365 environment. Beyond displaying all the Microsoft 365 user accounts, it also shows you valuable information about the accounts such as object ID, user principal name, display name, office, phone number, and more.

Inactive Users:

M365 Manager Plus Inactive Users

This report helps you identify all Microsoft 365 users who have not logged in to Exchange Online for a specified time period. Information about the user's last login time is also displayed in the report. You can use this information to help you re-assign inactive users' licenses to other new users.

Deleted Users:

M365 Manager Plus Deleted Users

This report lists all the users deleted from your Microsoft 365 setup. It also displays important information related to all deleted users and helps you decide which deleted user accounts to restore. In the Microsoft 365 environment, when a user account is deleted, it only stores the deleted user's data for 30 days, after which it is permanently deleted. Deleted users can be restored only within this time period.

Contact List:

M365 Manager Plus Contact List

This report gives you a complete picture of all the Microsoft 365 contact accounts in your organization. The information derived from this report can help you add or delete contacts.

M365 Manager Plus' user reports offer a script-free approach to gain insights into various aspects of all your Microsoft 365 users. The information that you receive from these reports will help you make informed decisions while managing your Microsoft 365 environment.

Synced users:

M365 Manager Plus Synced users

Microsoft 365's directory synchronization lets you synchronize additions, deletions, and changes made to users and groups in your on-premises directory directly to the cloud.

This report lists all the users synced to your Microsoft 365 setup from your on-premises directory, including valuable information such as last directory sync time, user principal name, last password change, days since last password change, display name, office, phone number, and more.

Cloud users:

M365 Manager Plus Cloud users

This report lists all the users present exclusively in your Microsoft 365 setup. It also displays additional information about the users such as user principal name, license status, last password change, days since last password change, display name, office, phone number, and more.

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