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Ping, monitor and troubleshoot network devices on the go using ManageEngine's Free Mobile Apps.

Free SNMP MIB Browser Android Tool

Turn your Android phone into a powerful network troubleshooting device. ManageEngine's Free SNMP Android App is a SNMP utility that enables communication with various agents and devices on a computer network from your phone.

  • Use SNMP to query the standard system variables. SNMP Android App comes pre-loaded with RFC-1213 MIB and let's you load other external MIB's.
  • Perform SNMP walk on devices. SNMP Android App is enabled to query SNMP agents of all versions (v1, v2c and v3)
  • View the complete list of all scalar groups and tables of MIBs loaded with a single touch
  • Configure agent parameters and fetch system variables securely over internet with SNMP v3 encryption
  • Leverage the support for HMAC algorithms like MD5, SHA for authentication and DES, 3DES, AES-128, AES-192 and AES-256 encryption for SNMPv3 communication
SNMP Android App

Free iPhone Ping Tool

Optimize your iPhone into a useful network monitoring utility. ManageEngine's Free iPhone Ping App is ICMP utility that enables you monitor availability servers, desktops other network devices on the go from your iPhone. Here is a quick demo of iPhone Ping App.

  • Monitor up to 5 hosts simultaneously using ICMP ping. Color codes help identify whether the monitored devices are up and running
  • Traceroute websites, servers and other network devices on the go.
  • Keep a tab on the important network parameters like RTT (time-to-live), RTT
    (round-trip-time), Minimum/ Maximum / Average trip time and more
  • Monitor the changes in response times with intuitive time series graphs
  • Fetch the DNS records and SSL certificate details of websites from your iPhone.
  • View the open ports in your network devices. This app comes preloaded with options to scan custom ports and ports over a selected range
Free iPhone Ping Tool