How to add a credential Rule?

Follow the steps given below to add a credential rule:

  • Go to Config Automation > Credentials > Credential Rules
  • Click on the add icon on top right of the grid
  • Enter a name for the new rule
  • Add a description to the rule (Optional)
  • Select the device selection type (Device group or Criteria)
  • Select the device groups if device group is selected in the previous step
  • If the Criteria option is selected then create a selection criteria for the device
  • To create a criteria, the user needs to select a parameter, a condition and a value.
  • Multiple criteria rows can be added by clicking the add button in front of the criteria row.
  • A criteria pattern will be automatically created and the criteria will be applied accordingly
  • While creating multiple criteria rows, the user has to select the join operator between two rows that can be AND or OR
  • Once the device selection type is set, please select a credential profile and the protocol that needs to be applied from the credential profile, if a device
  • fulfills the criteria for the rule
  • Click on save