Network Performance Management

Solutions for managing every aspect of network performance


Network and Data Center Infrastructure Management


  • Network and data center infrastructure management software for large enterprises, service providers, and SMEs
  • Automated workflows, intelligent alerting engines, configurable discovery rules, and extendable templates
  • Plug-ins for network change and configuration management, IP address management as well as network, application, database, virtualization, and NetFlow-based bandwidth monitoring
  • Easy-to-use interface gets you up and running quickly
NetFlow Analyzer

Network Traffic Analysis and Bandwidth Management

NetFlow Analyzer

  • Traffic and security analytics and bandwidth monitoring tool provides real-time visibility into network bandwidth performance
  • Collects and analyzes data about who is using network bandwidth and what it is being used for
  • Enables early detection and faster troubleshooting of network slowdowns, QoS and SLA issues, security anomalies, and more
  • Supports Cisco technologies and is Cisco-compatible (NetFlow, IP SLA, WAAS, and Medianet)

Network Configuration Management


  • Web-based, multi-vendor network change, configuration, and compliance management (NCCM) solution
  • NCCM services provided for switches, routers, firewalls, and other network devices
  • Integrated solution for automating and controlling the entire life cycle of device configuration management
  • Single, centralized GUI for managing configurations, controlling changes, ensuring compliance, and automating tasks
TopoMapper Plus

Automated, Layer 2 Discovery and Mapping

TopoMapper Plus

  • Automated, Layer 2 network discovery and mapping
  • Lets network and data center admins visualize their complete network infrastructure with a live network map
  • Automatically discovers, maps, and reports servers, desktops, virtual machines, firewalls, and other network devices
  • Keeps the map live and up-to-date with periodic network rediscovery options
  • Exports network maps to PDF for convenient sharing with peers

Switch Port and IP Address Management


  • Discovers, scans, and manages IP addresses in an enterprise network
  • Maps each switch port to its connected device, down to its physical location
  • Identifies and blocks rogue systems and devices before they penetrate the network
  • Backs up the startup and runtime configuration files of Cisco routers and switches
  • Monitors and analyzes the real-time network bandwidth usage of any SNMP device
TopoMapper Plus

Monitor and Manage Cisco UCS

CI Manager Plus

  • Discovers all the Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCSes) and their components in the data center and monitors them 24x7
  • Leverages Cisco UCS XML API to monitor the UCS and issue notifications via email and SMS in case of any fault
  • Offers a user-friendly web client that provides all vital device information in dashboards and widgets
  • Generates a 2D map of the UCS architecture to help visualize the parent-child relationship of all the devices in the system
  • Provides a 3D UCS builder that helps admins create exact replicas of their UCS infrastructures in 3D
RackBuilder Plus

3D Visual Monitoring Software for Data Centers

RackBuilder Plus

  • Build an exact, 3D replica of a data center - complete with racks, floors, and devices
  • Manage facilities and discover how much free space is available for expansion
  • Migrate data from Device42 and RackTables
  • Monitor data center devices in real time s

Related Free Tools

SNMP MIB Browser

Perform Get/Set operations, receive and view traps, query SNMP variables for response and more.

Ping Tool

Monitor the servers & network devices internally and websites externally using ICMP Ping protocol. Traceroute the path of network packet from your computer to a destination address.

Windows Health Monitor

Monitor the system resources like CPU, memory utilization etc., for up to 20 Windows client & server OS devices.

Syslog Forwarder

Forward the syslog messages from devices to max. of 10 syslog servers.

Customer Stories

  • I rely on OpManager for my every day IT information and monitoring.

    - Schmid Patrick

  • We get a "Bird's Eye" view on the status of our systems

    - Donald Green

  • The one tool to monitor your infrastructure that is cost effective.

    - Jared Wright