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Active Directory Auditing

and Compliance challenges using ADAudit Plus

In today's world security, compliance and process efficiency are indispensable for a business. Every business public or private realizes the need to create an environment that is compliant with Security and Auditing Requirements by continuous monitoring and tracking. This is with the objective to satisfy

  • Shareholders,
  • Government bodies and
  • Other internal security concerns.

IT Managers are designated critical roles to ascertain necessary compliance requirements are met and to ensure that every constituent in the network is functioning smoothly by continuously monitoring them.

One or more IT administrators / helpdesk technicians have to be engaged so that they keep on a constant vigil on changes (tracking and monitoring changes) in the Active Directory Day in and Day Out. This is primarily to identify any possible threats or security breaches. They are also required to assess the tasks delegated to a helpdesk member and other users. Status of the completion of delegated tasks and any abuse of additional privileges must be strictly monitored. Which otherwise might lead to serious consequences.

ADAudit Plus web based Active Directory Auditing and Reporting Solution arms administrators with the most necessary reports to facilitate easy access to information and proactively take any corrective action, if necessitated.

Addressing Active Directory Auditing and Compliance challenges using ADAudit PLus

Active Directory Auditing with ADAudit Plus

Determining the causes for attempted security breaches in your network:

For security reasons critical resources in the network like the Domain Controllers, Member Servers etc., are given access rights only to a selected list of trained and trusted IT staff - other users are strictly restrained from access. However, miscreants try to enter those restricted accounts and cause damage. It is all important to spot who these unprincipled elements are, warn and also take action against them inorder to prevent any such attempts in future. ADAudit Plus lists the entire information on users who have last logged on or have attempted to unauthoritatively access critical resources in the domain with all details required for interpreting the type of attack made, thus helping determine the cause.

Identifying security holes and unauthorized access:

It is of utmost importance to identify any lapse in security i.e.) to know if any change has happened on any important domain object or policy changes have been made. A security lapse could have occurred as a result of susceptible accounts or intentional attack by malicious intruders. Some accounts might have been compromised due to attacks and identifying them is critical, else remediation will not be possible.

ADAudit Plus reports on every change that occurred in the Windows Active Directory both real time and over a selected period of time. This helps an administrator to know what changes were done on Domain Policies, Security Groups, Groups and other objects in the Domain at any given time. Any unintentional change considered to be a potential security hole can be spotted with the details eloborated in the ADAudit Plus reports, so that corrective measures can be reassured. Also information on who has done such change by intention, mistake or unauthorized access on domain objects can be identified from the reports.

Proactively preventing security violations:

Any desired or undesired action in a network can be configured to be alerted by ADAudit Plus. Logon activity on Domain Controllers and changes done on security groups by any user are critical and command immediate attention by administrators. A delayed action on these vital happenings could pave way for a compromise on the organizations security and hence, they need to be handled at any cost. ADAudit Plus - Active Directory security software addresses this need to immediately gain information on important actions done in the domain, by facilitating comprehensive and easily understandable alerts. The alerts help to proactively identify the cause and prevent an intended security violations.

Tracking user logons and administrator activity:

System administrators and helpdesk users perform account management actions to the level of their delegated privileges. Administrators must have complete knowledge on the tasks delegated to users and supervise privileged user actions. They must know the status of activities done and knowledge on who has done what actions when. ADAudit Plus - Active Directory change tracking software with its comprehensive audit reports on users and administrator activity makes it possible to detect administrative mistakes and human errors. Both real time information and history of each user activity is extracted and exposed. This can be conveniently used to maintain accountability of user actions and remediate when called for.

Satisfying compliance requirements:

Organizations need an objective in their approach to satisfy compliance requirements. ADAudit Plus - Active Directory audit and compliance software provides a host of built-in and out-of-the-box reports along with a pre-configurable reports to help address regulatory standards and compliance requirements like SOX, HIPAA, GLBA and more with ease. Download the product for more.

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