User behavior analytics tool

trusted by more than 10,000 organizations to secure their Windows server infrastructure, against:

  • Rogue insiders
  • Compromised accounts
  • External threats
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Detect, investigate, and mitigate threats like malicious logins, lateral movement,
privilege abuse, data breaches, and malware.

  • Malicious logins

    Receive notification if a critical server is accessed during unusual hours, or when there's been an unusual number of login failures.

    Unusual logon activity
  • Lateral movement

    Receive notification when a machine is accessed for the first time, or a dormant user account becomes active.

    Unusual machine accessed by user
  • Privilege abuse

    Receive notification when there is an unusual (and possibly unauthorized) volume of user management activity.

     Unusual user management activity
  • Data breaches

    Receive notification if there's been an attempt to exfiltrate or delete data.

    Unusual file activity
  • Malware

    Receive notification when there is an unusual process running on a machine.

    Unusual process running on machine
  • Investigate anomalies

    See who did what, when, and where, along with other details surrounding each anomaly.

    Anomaly details
  • Mitigate threats

    Configure ADAudit Plus to execute a predetermined action when an anomaly gets detected.

    Threat mitigation
Unusual logon activity
Unusual machine accessed by user
Unusual user management activity
Unusual file activity
Unusual process running on machine
Anomaly details
Threat mitigation

Applying machine learning and statistical analytics, ADAudit Plus creates a baseline of normal behavior specific to each user and alerts about deviations from this norm—a task that’s impossible for security professionals to manually perform.

For example, a user who consistently accesses a critical server outside of business hours wouldn't trigger a false positive alert because that behavior is typical for that user. On the other hand, ADAudit Plus would instantly send an alert when that same user accesses that server during a time they've never accessed it before, even if the time of that particular access falls within business hours.

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  • Log collection and processing:

    Domain controller, member server, and workstation logs from across the Windows server environment are collected and processed.

  • Baseline detection engine:

    Processed log data is used to create a baseline of normal logon, file, user management, and process activities specific to each user.

  • Anomaly detection engine:

    Incoming log data and baselines are compared to detect anomalies.

  • Threat reports and alerts:

    Security professionals are notified of anomalies in real-time via email or SMS, and anomalies can be viewed as reports via the ADAudit Plus console.

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is a real-time change auditing and user behavior analytics solution that helps keep your Active Directory, Azure AD, member servers, and workstations secure and compliant. With the tool, you can–

  • Audit changes:

    Receive real-time notifications about changes occurring across Active Directory and Azure AD.

  • Track user logons:

    Gain complete visibility into user logon activity, tracking everything from logon failures to logon history.

  • Troubleshoot account lockouts:

    Detect lockouts instantly with alerts, and analyze their root cause with in-depth reports.

  • Monitor privileged users:

    Get consolidated audit trails for administrators and other privileged user activities.

  • Protect sensitive data:

    Track file access across Windows file servers, failover clusters, NetApp, and EMC.

  • Monitor file integrity:

    Detect new programs and modifications to executable files.

  • Integrate with SIEM:

    Forward log data to SIEM solutions.

  • Actively respond to threats:

    Detect anomalies instantly, and configure the tool to automatically respond to incidents.

  • Demonstrate compliance:

    Get out-of-the-box reports that help meet SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, FISMA, and GLBA requirements.

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