Active Directory Management & Reporting

How to synchronise ADManager Plus with Active Directory?

Objective: To refresh ADManager Plus by synchronizing its database with Active Directory.

Steps to synchronize ADManager Plus with Active Directory

To do a domain refresh in ADManager Plus,

  1. Click on Domain Settings. You will now be in the Domain Configuration page, which lists all the available domains or all the domains that have been configured in ADManager Plus.
  2. In the Actions column of the domain that you wish to refresh, click on the refresh icon.
  3. From the options listed in the Update Domain Details window that pops up, select the options based on which you wish to synchronize ADManager Plus with your Active Directory.
  4. Click OK to initiate the synchronization.

Note: Based on the size of your domain, the refresh process might take a few minutes to complete.

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Customer Speaks

"We evaluated ADManager Plus along with several other Active Directory Management and Reporting software. After using it really made life easy for administrators. It is very understandable and fast to learn, I didn't even read the manual."

Bogdan Campeanu, Network Engineer