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Applications Manager provides deep application performance monitoring with byte-code instrumentation, infrastructure monitoring and digital experience monitoring from a single console. We provide out-of-the-box support for 150+ different technologies - both on premise and cloud.

  • APM
  • Infrastructure
  • Services
  • Cloud
  • Synthetics/Website
  • Others

Gain deep visibility into application performance and troubleshoot issues before it affects the end users.

With our deep APM capabilities, you can:
  •  Identify problematic elements in your application code.
  •  Monitor database operations and pinpoint slow SQL statements.
  •  Leverage distributed tracing capabilities to reduce debugging time in micro services environments.
  •  Become aware of bottlenecks in the code-stack through thread profiling.
  •  Visualize dependencies in your application architecture with automated service maps.

To learn more, visit our page on Application monitoring!

Supported Application Types:

Server monitoring
From CPU, memory, disk and hardware metrics to services and processes on your server, monitor every critical detail in your server infrastructure.
Converged Infrastructure
Monitor complex converged infrastructures with maximum efficiency. Deep visibility into individual layers of your infrastructure.
Virtual Servers
Monitor virtual server and their resource utilizations. Understand performance trends and plan capacity with the received insights.
Container Monitoring
Monitor containers as well as containerized applications. Ensure container health and see code level insights of hosted applications.
Track slow queries, response times, failures, page faults, and a whole lot of database KPIs.
Application Servers
Proactively troubleshoot application server issues before they affect the performance of your business application.
ERP suites
Identify performance anomalies within complex multi-tier architecture ERP suites and get alerted instantly.
Big data technologies
Monitor Hadoop and Spark instances and ensure the underlying NoSQL servers are delivering maximum performance.
Webserver|Web Services
Monitor the performance of your web servers, web services, and caching layers in the context of the business applications they support.
Identify performance hotspots and deployment issues in your enterprise middleware technologies.
Track the performance of your mail/messaging servers and ensure quick response times and consistent availability.
Apache Solr, Ceph, NPS Radius Server, Apache Zookeeper, Active Directory, SNMP, DNS, Ping, etc.

Get comprehensive insights into the performance of your hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure and the applications hosted on them.

With our cloud monitoring tool, you can:
  •  Get end-to-end visibility from cloud servers to cloud applications.
  •  Proactively discover cloud performance bottlenecks and quickly resolve them before they impact end users.
  •  Get real time actionable insights into your cloud instances.
  •  Leverage auto-provisioning capabilities to manage your virtual machines better.
  •  Plan resource capacities with ease by using ML powered forecast reports.

Supported Application Types:

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring
Record and playback web transactions to simulate and monitor end user experience.
Real User Monitoring
Track and monitor how users across the globe perceive your websites and web applications. Optimize front-end performance and ensure hassle-free digital experiences.
URL monitoring
Monitor individual URLs for errors or record and monitor transactions across a sequence of URLs.
Website Content Monitoring
Monitor website content for unauthorized changes in HTML elements like text, script, images, etc.
REST API monitoring
Know when an API is down - Monitor the availability and response time of your REST API endpoints.
SOAP monitoring
View the responses for particular SOAP Requests/Operations. Identifying exceptions, and add personalized content checks.
ManagEngine OpManager Monitoring
Monitor ManageEngine OpManager instance for performance issues.
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Monitoring
Monitor ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus instance for performance issues.
ManageEngine ADManager Plus Monitoring
Monitor ManageEngine ADManager Plus instance for performance issues.
Custom Monitors
For custom applications built in-house for internal use in organizations.

Other Features

Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping
Discover your applications with a click, and easily map their relationships to gain a comprehensive insight into your complex IT infrastructure.
Business Service Management
Logical grouping of applications based on business services or geographies. Track the health of the business service and pinpoint the root cause of problematic services, from a single window.
Fault Management and Alerts
Robust alert management module with statis and adaptive thresholds. Dynamic baselining to detect anomalies. Automated actions to troubleshoot faster.
Application Analytics
Performance reports, trend analysis reports, capacity planning reports and machine learning powered forecasting among other reports. Also allows custom report creation.
Mobile Application
Know the status of your application health and availability at all times Available for iPhone and Android devices.
ManageEngine Applications Manager's REST APIs can be used to fetch data for internal portals and other monitoring tools.

Integration with other tools

This integration includes Network, Infrastructure, Application Performance, Cloud services and End User monitoring from a single console.
Execute workflows and automated scripts for application alerts from the AlarmsOne console.
Analytics Plus
Explore a plethora of reports customizable to the smallest levels. Integrate with Applications Manager to create business reports for application performance.
ServiceDesk Plus
See alarms from Applications Manager as tickets in ServiceDesk Plus and ease the troubleshooting process.
Visualize alarms from Applications Manager as tickets in your ServiceNow helpdesk.
Allows alert notifications to be sent to Slack channels in real time. IT and DevOps teams can stay aware of potential performance problems with application performance and troubleshoot accordingly.

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