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Azure Integration Services Monitoring

Azure Integration Services monitoring

Ensure optimal performance of your Azure Integration services

Azure Integration services facilitates seamless integration of diverse applications, data sources, and services, allowing you to connect, transform, and coordinate data and workflows with ease. Applications Manager helps system administrators ensure optimal performance of these services by tracking KPIs that matter. Applications Manager offers support for the following integration services:

Azure Logic Apps (Standard) monitoring

With Applications Manager, you can monitor the overall execution of your workflows to ensure they are running as expected and completing within acceptable timeframes. Evaluate function execution efficiency and optimize them if required. You can also identify slow response times and tweak HTTP actions. Get notified about traffic patterns and identify authentication failures, client errors, server errors, and not found errors, and ensuring the availability and reliability of your Logic App's endpoints.

Azure Logic Apps (Consumption) monitoring

Applications Manager helps you optimize the performance of your Logic Apps as the resources scale dynamically based on usage. Become aware of trigger latencies to understand the responsiveness of the Logic App to the incoming events. You can also get insights into the efficiency of trigger invocations and pinpoint inefficiencies in triggering workflows as you measure trigger failures, skipped, and succeeded.

You can also obtain a holistic view of your Logic App's execution efficiency and throughput by studying the run statistics. Identify underlying configuration issues, avoid resource contention, and improve the reliability and performance of your Logic App. Get detailed insights into actions of individual workflows to improve overall responsiveness and optimize workflow logic.

Azure Event Hub Cluster monitoring

Optimize the performance of your Azure Hub clusters and ensure effective communication and data transfer between your applications, services, and devices.

Become aware of throttling in your cluster by monitoring the size of your Azure Hub Cluster. Keep an eye on Available Memory to ensure that the cluster has sufficient memory to support its operations. Get notified of abnormal values to avoid insufficient memory/out of memory errors. Get detailed insights about the requests in the cluster to prevent exceeding usage quotas. You can also monitor connection metrics to ensure there are no connection leaks and ensure reliability for clients connecting to the cluster.

Azure Event Hub Namespace monitoring

Monitor critical KPIs in your Azure Event Hub Namespace. Keep an eye on Namespace utilization and ensure that the namespace can handle the expected workload without reaching capacity limits. Obtain detailed insights into message capture metrics to understand message ingestion rates, backlog, and storage usage. Also, measure the volume of incoming and outgoing data and messages processed by the Azure Hub Namespace. Additionally, you can also monitor the requests in the namespace to identify potential issues or errors in message processing.

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Supported Azure monitoring services

Applications Manager also offers monitoring for the following Microsoft Azure services:

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