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Azure Security Services Monitoring

Azure Security Services monitoring

Azure Security Services help fortify and safeguard your cloud infrastructure, data, applications, and identities on the Microsoft Azure platform. By acting as gatekeepers for your applications and facilitating threat detection, identity management, and compliance, these services empower you to maintain the highest standards of security for your cloud environment.

Monitoring these Azure services is essential for ensuring optimal security. Applications Manager serves as a proactive Azure monitoring tool that supports the monitoring of the following Azure security services:

Azure Key vaults monitoring

Azure key vault securely stores and manages secrets including API keys, passwords, certificates, and cryptographic keys.

With Applications Manager, monitor your vault availability and become aware of downtime or service disruptions in real-time. Ensure that your mission-critical applications can access their keys, secrets, and certificates. Anticipate when it might be best to scale up your vault resources by monitoring vault saturation. Get notified when the service is close to reach its maximum capacity to promptly accommodate increasing demands for key storage and management. Detect increased API latency early-on to tackle performance bottlenecks due to slow response times. Track usage patterns of your Key Vault and identify any sudden spikes in demand. It also allows you to plan for capacity scaling and optimize resource allocation. Additionally, you can also analyze API results to pinpoint issues with key operations, such as creating, retrieving, or deleting keys, secrets, and certificates.

Additionally, you can also analyze API results to pinpoint issues with key operations, such as creating, retrieving, or deleting keys, secrets, and certificates.

Azure Key Vault Managed HSM monitoring

Azure Key Vault Managed HSM offers a comprehensive solution for secure key and secret management, leveraging FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated HSMs. Monitor Key Vault service availability to ensure uninterrupted access to cryptographic keys and operations. Track API latency and optimize application performance by maintaining acceptable response times. Evaluate the rate and total count of API hits to facilitate effective capacity planning and resource allocation to meet varying workload demands efficiently.

Intelligent alerts

Stay ahead of potential security issues with our proactive Azure security service monitoring tool. Utilize our machine learning-driven alert system to detect even the slightest discrepancies and promptly notify you of abnormal events. Receive alerts through your preferred medium such as email, text or Slack messages, ensuring you're always informed and in control of the security of your Azure cloud environment.

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Supported Azure monitoring services

Applications Manager also offers monitoring for the following Microsoft Azure services:

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