Desktop Central 9


Desktop and Mobile Device Management software

Desktop Management

 Patch Management

With Patch Management, Administrator can shield windows and mac from security threats by keeping patches up to date. Complete automation of patches related to OS and other 3rd party applications makes IT admin's job easier.

 Software Deployment

Software Deployment enables IT admin to distribute, install and uninstall a software application that makes administrators work effortless by replacing manual process. Templates of over 150+ applications makes it easy to create deployment packages in a single click.

 Remote Control

Remote Control helps administrators to take control of remote desktops with just a click. Multiple connections of the same computer enables collaboration and makes troubleshooting easier. Its recording capabilities helps you to audit every connection.

 Asset Management

Get up-to-date information on the software and hardware available in the network anytime with Desktop Central's automated asset scanning. Software License Management and Software Metering helps you to stay compliant and in planning for new software purchases or renewals.

 Windows Configurations

Perform configurations like windows applications, system settings, desktop settings and security policies to suit your requirements. Desktop central allows IT administrator to customize with over 25 predefined configurations available.

 Service Pack Installation

Install Service Packs (SP) for Windows Operating systems (XP, Vista, 2003, Windows 7, etc.) and Applications. Desktop Central enables to perform the installation on multiple systems at one go thereby saving time and efforts.

 Active Directory Reports

Understand and analyze the events in the network, with granular level details on User level, computer level, etc. that helps to monitor and audit the IT network with Desktop Central out-of-box reports.

 User Logon Reports

With Desktop Central, IT admin can fetch users' login details along with their history. These out-of-box reports help to extract user specific information with their logon history, which can help to analyze "who did what".

 User Administration

Customize the user privilege by delegating routine activities to chosen users with well-defined permission level. Restrict technicians with well defined roles on what management activies they can perform.

 OS Deployment

OS Deployer helps you with your image deployment needs. It supports imaging a system both on the offline and online mode. This software is the most comprehensive disk imaging and deployment solution for IT administrators.

Mobile Device Management

 Device Enrollment

With Desktop Central, IT admin can perform device bulk enrollment in a single stroke making mobile device enrollment a breeze. It supports both iOS and Android platform.

 App Management

Manage mobile apps be it in-store or commercial apps. Manages and distributes both in-house and App Store Apps. With Desktop Central, IT admin can manage both iOS and Android platform.

 Profile Management

IT polices plays a major role for device enterprise security. Create and configure polices/profiles in devices for user to access enterprise resources.

 App Distribution

With Desktop Central, IT admin can perform seamless distribution of apps to any number of devices thereby reducing the time and manual efforts.

 Asset Management

Track the number of mobile assets to get a hold on the inventory count. With Desktop Central IT admin can scan and get complete information about the device like certificates, installed Apps, etc.

 VPP Integration

Integrates with Apple Volume purchase program to install commercial apps and automatically assigns redemption codes.

 Security Management

Security remains trivial for the organization especially for the mobile devices. Desktop central helps IT admin to configure stringent security policies to protect corporate data from outside threats.

 Audit and Reports

Desktop Central helps IT admin to monitor and audit the devices available in the network with the out-of-box reports on apps by device or devices by model.