MDM -App Management

Desktop Central provides the facility to manage the Apps Over The Air (OTA) to groups/devices. There are two kinds of Apps, they are Enterprise Apps and App store Apps/ Google Play Apps. You can manage both the Enterprise Apps and App store Apps/Google Play Apps using Desktop Central. To manage Apps, you need to create a App repository and then distribute the Apps to managed groups and devices.

App store App for iOS devices:

A wide range of Apps are available in the App store. Some of these Apps are free Apps whereas few of those are paid Apps. In order to add an App store App you need to know if the App is free or paid App. In case of free App, it can be directly added into the App repository using the App name and the Bundle identifier. If you want to add a paid App, you need to use the Value Purchase Program (VPP). Using VPP you can purchase volumes of Apps for the organization. You will receive redemption codes for each App, which can be distributed to the managed devices.  Refer this to know more about adding App store Apps in the repository.

Enterprise App for iOS:

Enterprise Apps are also called as inhouse Apps. Enterprise Apps are those which are not listed in the App store. These Apps are owned by the company. Enterprise Apps are commonly a collection of computer programs with business applications or tools for modeling the organizational work. They are unique applications designed based on the business requirement. Enterprise Apps are developed exclusively for distinguished platforms, like iOS & Android. Refer to this, to know more about adding enterprise App in the App repository.

Google Play Store Apps:

Apps that are designed for Android devices are listed here. 'Google Play store' has thousands of Apps, from which we can choose and upload Apps into the App Repository. You can also add paid and free Apps to the App Repository which can be further distributed to the devices and groups. Refer this, to know more about adding Play Store Apps in the App Repository

Enterprise App for Android:

You can add an Enterprise App in the App Repository which can be distributed only to android devices. These Apps are added in the App Repository by uploading .apk file in the Desktop Central MDM. Refer this, to know more about adding Android Enterprise App in the App Repository.

App Management Workflow :

The following diagram would explain about the App Management workflow. You need to create an App Repository, where you can add both App store App and Enterprise Apps. While adding paid App store App, you need to upload the VPP file as well. In case of Enterprise Apps, you need to upload the bundle identifier and specify the App category and supported devices.

After adding Apps to the App Repository the Apps can be distributed to Groups/Devices. Users can view the distributed Apps in the App Catalog on their mobile devices. They can install the App by clicking on it. App store Apps will be downloaded from the Apps Store whereas Enterprise Apps will be downloaded  from the Desktop Central server. After installation, the status will be sent back to the Desktop Central server.

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