Enabling Patch Approval Process

Desktop Central allows you to automate patch deployment from identifying the missing patches and to deploy them on to the required computers. The automation is done irrespective of the patches and applications. There might be cases where you would like to test a critical patch in few computers before rolling it out to the entire network. In such cases, the Patch Approval Process comes handy. When you enable the patch approval process, no patch will be deployed via Automated Patch Deployment task unless the patches are approved for deployment. You can however deploy them manually to test.

To enable Patch Approval Process,

  1. Select Admin --> General Settings (available under Patch Settings)
  2. Select the "Deploy patches only when they are approved" option and click Save

You can approve the patches from any of the patch views like Applicaple Patches, Missing Patches, or Installed Patches. To approve patches, select the required patches and click Mark As --> Approve option.

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