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Mobile Device Management

Advanced Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Samsung SAFE devices

Desktop Central offers advanced capabilities in managing Samsung SAFE devices. Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) devices are enterprise-ready devices from Samsung with increased security and management capabilities. With Desktop Central, administrators will now have a better control on the SAFE devices to perform device level configurations remotely and supports over 100+ additional policies.

Device Security

  • Force end user to set passcode at a scheduled time
  • Standardize the device by disallowing users to access or modify default settings on the mobile device
  • Restrict employees from accessing Android browser.
  • Restrict users from changing the device settings, reset to factory settings or from upgrading thier OS over-the-air

Data Security

  • Restrict data sharing by enabling/disabling device capabilities such as Google Backup, Bluetooth, Camera, Tethering, Wi-Fi, etc. 
  • Disallow external hardware such as use of Microphone, USB device, and External SD card.
  • Restrict screen capture

Advanced Carrier Management

Provides advanced controls on accessing data on roaming to cut down your expenses like,

  • Restrict usage of Packet data on roaming
  • Reduce the data consumption like WAP PUSH, MMS  messages from being received during roaming 
  • Disable the automatic sync of applications such as email, contacts, calendar, etc.
  • Disabling voice calls

App Management

  • Silently Push/Remove Applications
  • Control Access to Play store to forbid employee from installing any app themselves
  • Restrict from using entertainment apps such as You tube
  • Have complete control on what apps that the user should have on their devices including the versions. For example, users will not be allowed to install a blacklisted app or to remove any app from their device.

Refer to here for details on policies and management capabilities for core Android devices.