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Exchange Change Audit and Reporting Solution

Exchange Intra-organizational and Custom Recipients Traffic reports

Any exchange organization would require some aggregate mechanisms in place to closely monitor the email traffic happening within the exchange boundary. Exchange Reporter Plus introduces exclusive reports which comes as an ally to the exchange IT professionals in performing such tasks.

Intra-organizational traffic reports

These reports provide a clear understanding of all mailbox traffic related activities happening within an exchange organization. An exchange administrator can become aware of the following insightful information form these reports.

 Number of Mails Sent by a Specific User  
  • Number and size of messages sent by any specific user and the corresponding top 10 receivers on any given day or over a period.
  • The exchange user receiving maximum messages both by count and size and the top 10 senders.
  • An effective tool to closely monitor the email traffic between any two specific exchange users.
  • Notification on the number and size of messages sent from and received by domains within an organization. Visual listing of the same in bar graph format for the top ten internal domains


Custom Recipients traffic reports

With these reports, it becomes fairly simple to monitor and track the email traffic happening with the custom recipients like mail enabled users and contacts.

Once the report is scheduled and generated, an exchange personnel can

 Traffic between two Specific Users  
  • Identify the top 10 custom recipients to whom email messages are communicated both in terms of number and count.
  • Find the number of messages sent to a custom recipient.
  • Track the top exchange users sending the maximum number of messages to the custom recipients in terms of both count and size.


Such concise reports can help in protecting against spamming activities and preventing any kind of intentional malicious attacks. An exchange administrator can keep a vigilant eye on the mailing activities of the exchange users and custom recipients and analyze the rate of email traffic with ease.