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Firewall Compliance Reports

Firewall Analyzer offers an exhaustive set of Firewall device compliance reports that help to address the security audit, configuration analysis, and compliance audit requirements. The reports help to configure the Firewall rules, which will prevent potentially dangerous access to network and allow only those network hosts that are required. The report identifies all the Firewall security related issues. The application audits the complete Firewall security and thoroughly analyzes the configuration of Firewalls.

The Compliance section in Firewall Analyzer includes a consolidated view of all the Firewall device compliance reports. This section can be accessed from the Compliance tab. The compliance reports are Firewall device specific, so select a particular device. If the device is not configured or associated to a device information profile to generate these reports, it can be configured from here on the fly. There is an option to select the report to be displayed, the Compliance report or Change Management report or both the reports. Select the required report. This compliance report page can be exported to PDF and CSV formats. On the top right side of the page, there are links to view, Device Rules, the Device Rule Info page, Profiles, the Credential Profile Listing page, Exclude Criteria, the Exclude Criteria List page.

In the Compliance page, first column is Device Info. In this column, the connection status between the device and Firewall Analyzer, actions to edit the device info or enable/ disable notification, last modified time of device information.

The next column displays the Last Generated Reports, the Compliance report and the Change Management report with the time of report generation. If the device is not configured to generate these reports, it can be configured from here on the fly.

The last column displays the On Demand reports generated based on Firewall configurations and ACLs/Rules:

  • Configuration Analysis Report
  • Security Audit Report
  • Complete Security Audit and Configuration Analysis Report
  • Configuration Changes Report
  • Fetch Rules - the raw configuration of firewall is fetched in a flat file on demand

Below the columns, the selected report (Compliance, Change Management, Policy Overview, All) will be displayed in the graphical format and tabular format. For Compliance report, the unused rules are displayed in Pie chart graph and the details of the unused rules are listed in the table below. For Change Management report, the date wise number of changes are displayed in Bar chart graph and the time of change, user who changed, total number of changes and the type of change details are listed in the first table and the Startup - Running Conflict Report is displayed with the time of change, user who changed, and the total number of changes details in the next table. For Policy Overview report, the statistics of the used and usnused rules details is displayed and the details of the complete rules is displayed in a table.

Periodic Firewall Compliance Report Generation

The report is generated at periodic intervals and the report link in the UI shows the time, the compliance report was generated.

Instant Firewall Compliance Report Generation

You can instantly generate the Compliance report, any time you want.

Pre-requisites for Compliance Reports

If you came across the 'The System can not execute the specific program' error while trying to generate Compliance report, carry out the following procedure.

Download the 'Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable' package. You can download the package from Microsoft website at the URL given below: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displayLang=en&id=5582

Install the package and generate the Compliance report again. This will solve the issue.



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