SNMP Table Operations

SNMP Table

The ManageEngine MibBrowser provides an user-friendly of viewing SNMP Table data. The table data can be viewed in a separate window called SNMP Table Panel. The SNMP Table Panel provides various options for table handling such as adding a row to the existing table, viewing graphs, index editor etc.

The following steps should be taken to view the SNMP table in the SNMP Table Panel:

To view the SNMP Table click on the SNMP TABLE image button or select Snmp Table menu item . This brings up an SnmpTable if the selected OID is a table. In the SnmpTable, clicking on the "Start" button will start getting the columnar objects.

The following options are available in the SNMP Table Panel of the MibBrowser:

Apart from the above options if we right click on the table header (where the column name is displayed) it will display a menu with options

The above options also can be made use of.

Set Operation using SNMP Table Panel

Using SNMP table, the SET operation for the table variables becomes easier. To set values for the table variables the following steps needs to be followed:

For creating a new row in a table

If the RowStatus is not present in the table definition then you can only modify the existing row by double clicking the corresponding cell in the table.