NetFlow Analyzer Editions & Add-On's

Features Professional Edition Professional Plus Edition Enterprise Edition
Privilege based user access Tick Tick Tick
RADIUS server authentication Tick Tick Tick
IP Groups Tick Tick Tick
Device grouping Tick Tick Tick
Interface grouping Tick Tick Tick
Real time traffic reports Tick Tick Tick
Reports for application, source, destination, conversations & DSCP Tick Tick Tick
Autonomous system reporting Tick Tick Tick
Custom Application monitoring Tick Tick Tick
Schedule reports Tick Tick Tick
Cisco ASA-NSEL reports Tick Tick Tick
Cisco Medianet reports Tick Tick -
DNS Resolution Tick Tick -
Time zone based reporting - - Tick
Alerts (Email & SNMP traps) Tick Tick Tick
Alerts based on IP groups & Interfaces Tick Tick Tick
Alerts based on IP addresses Tick Tick -
Alerts based on DSCP marking Tick Tick -
Cisco IPSLA Tick Tick -
Flow based security anomaly detection Tick Tick -
CISCO WAAS reports Tick Tick -
Customizable Dashboard Tick Tick -
Google map visualization of network Tick Tick Tick
CISCO NBAR - Tick Tick
Billing - Tick Tick
Capacity Planning report - Tick -
Failover - - Tick
Perpetual Price starts at(In USD) $795 $1195 $9995
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Enterprise (Overview)
starbullet Scalable: Suited for large enterprises which monitor more than 600 interfaces.
starbullet Distributed monitoring: Central server & Collector architecture
starbullet Add-On's:Cisco NBAR, Cisco CBQoS, Billing, Failover
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Add-On's for Professional and Professional Plus editions
Advanced Security Analytics Module
Advanced Security Analytics Module is a network flow based security analytics and anomaly detection tool that helps in detecting zero-day network intrusions, using the state-of-the-art Continuous Stream Engine™ technology, and classifying the intrusions to tackle network security threats in real time.
IP SLA Monitoring
IP SLA module helps you measure traffic metrics between two networks and gives you better network visibility. NetFlow Analyzer offers two options for monitoring VoIP and WAN RTT.
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Free Edition
During the first 30 days, you can monitor any number of interfaces with all the features. After the first 30 days, the product will continue to monitor 2 interfaces with all the features of professional edition. You may switch to registered version by applying the license at any point of time.
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