Multi-Vendor Storage Management

Heterogeneous management tool for storage area networks

Storage Infrastructure discovery Asset Management
  • Auto discovery uses SNMP, CLI , SNIA's SMI-S and vendor specific algorithms
  • Discovers storage devices such as RAIDs, tapelibraries, tape drives, FC switches, HBAs, and host servers.
  • Supports all major storage vendors devices.
  • End-to-end modeling of device including sub components.
  • Supports discovery at runtime through web based GUI
  • Up-to-date device summary
  • Administrators can key in details such as device location, vendor details, and technical support info
  • Complete physical and logical assets are monitored
  • Entire system resources like CPU, Disk, Memory and IO details are listed
  • HBA Card details along with ports are listed
  • Device level problem report filing and maintenance
Visualization Fault Management
  • Topological map shows devices and their interconnections.
  • Link details table shows link name, source, and destination.
  • Color-coded icons depict device and interconnection status.
  • Drill-down views - Sub-maps and device property views
  • Captures sensor faults such as power supply, temperature, fan, battery, etc.
  • Captures Status Change Notifications.
  • Management functions such as assign owner, annotate, clear, and delete.
  • Reports alarms to administrators through email or SMS messages based on customizable rules.
  • Escalates unattended alarms to higher ups based on pre-defined rules
Real Time Graphs Business Reporting
  • Closely monitor specific port data – live, for brief period, for troubleshooting.
  • SNMP based, non-intrusive, Fibre Channel port level data collection.
  • Queries the Fibre Channel statistics and graphs each port on the switch.
  • Plots graphs with live data.
  • Auto refresh GUI to show the update
  • Sends daily and weekly alarm reports.
  • Helps IT team analyze trends, utilization, etc.
  • At a glance reports on availability and performance trends.
  • Reports to identify elements that are over or under utilized
Storage Capacity Forecasting
  • Analyzes the historic and current usage trends for storage capacity
  • Analyzes traffic utilization trends
  • Generates Capacity forecasting reports
  • Generates reports on future traffic utilization trends
  • Helps storage administrators to identify performance bottlenecks

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