Multi-Vendor Storage Management

ManageEngine® OpStor - Multi-Vendor Storage Management

Heterogeneous management tool for storage area networks  

Salient Features of ManageEngine® OpStor

ZOHO Corp. ManageEngine® OpStor uses SNMP / CLI / SMI-S/ vendor-specific APIs to discover the storage devices in your network. Complete set of asset, capacity, performance, and configuration information of the storage devices and its components are discovered and represented in the OpStor client.

OpStor provides support of storages devices from leading vendors like

Storage Infrastructure discovery
  • Auto discovery uses SNMP, CLI , SNIA's SMI-S and vendor specific algorithms
  • Discovers storage devices such as RAIDs, tapelibraries, tape drives, FC switches, HBAs, and host servers.
  • Supports all major storage vendors devices.
  • End-to-end modeling of device including sub components.
  • Supports discovery at runtime through web based GUI
storage device discovery

Asset Management
  • Up-to-date device summary
  • Administrators can key in details such as device location, vendor details, and technical support info
  • Complete physical and logical assets are monitored
  • Entire system resources like CPU, Disk, Memory and IO details are listed
  • HBA Card details along with ports are listed
  • Device level problem report filing and maintenance
storage assets

  • Topological map shows devices and their interconnections.
  • Link details table shows link name, source, and destination.
  • Color-coded icons depict device and interconnection status.
  • Drill-down views - Sub-maps and device property views
storage device topology

Fault Management
  • Captures sensor faults such as power supply, temperature, fan, battery, etc.
  • Captures Status Change Notifications.
  • Management functions such as assign owner, annotate, clear, and delete.
  • Reports alarms to administrators through email or SMS messages based on customizable rules.
  • Escalates unattended alarms to higher ups based on pre-defined rules
storage device alarms

Real Time Graphs
  • Closely monitor specific port data – live, for brief period, for troubleshooting.
  • SNMP based, non-intrusive, Fibre Channel port level data collection.
  • Queries the Fibre Channel statistics and graphs each port on the switch.
  • Plots graphs with live data.
  • Auto refresh GUI to show the update
Real Time Graphs

Business Reporting
  • Sends daily and weekly alarm reports.
  • Helps IT team analyze trends, utilization, etc.
  • At a glance reports on availability and performance trends.
  • Reports to identify elements that are over or under utilized
Business Reporting

Storage Capacity Forecasting
  • Analyzes the historic and current usage trends for storage capacity
  • Analyzes traffic utilization trends
  • Generates Capacity forecasting reports
  • Generates reports on future traffic utilization trends
  • Helps storage administrators to identify performance bottlenecks