HP 3PAR Storage Arrays using OpStor

Monitoring HP 3PAR Storage Arrays using OpStor

OpStor provides monitoring and management of HP 3PAR Storage Arrays.

Features Supported

Inventory DetailsLogical DetailsMonitorsReport Details
  • Raid Controllers
  • Raid Controller Ports
  • Disk Drives
  • Battery
  • Fan
  • Power Supply
  • Storage Pool
  • Storage Volume
  • Virtual Volumes
  • CPGs
  • Raid status
  • Raid Controller status
  • Raid Controller Port status
  • Disk Drives
  • Storage Pools
  • Storage Volumes
  • Fan / Power Supply / Battery
  • Availability
  • Capacity Summary
  • Performance

Prerequisites for monitoring HP 3PAR Storage Arrays

  • OpStor uses HP 3PAR SMI-S provider for monitoring the Storage Array.
  • The provider is by default embedded in the Storage Array.
  • Ensure that the SMI-S provider is properly running.
  • By Default, SMI-S provider embedded in HP 3PAR Storage Array would be disabled. Kindly enable it.

Steps to enable SMI-S provider

  • Login to HP 3PAR Command Line Interface (CLI) using SSH.
  • Enter the IP Address of HP 3PAR Storage Array, Username and Password (Default Credentials: 3paradm / 3pardata).
  • Execute startcim command at the CLI to enable the SMI-S provider.
  • Execute showcim, to know the current status of the SMI-S Provider.
  • To restart the SMI-S Provider, 
    • Execute "stopcim –f –x" 
    • Then execute "startcim"

Prerequisites for monitoring HP 3PAR Storage Arrays SNMP Traps

Steps to add OpStor server IP address as trap destination

  • Connect to HP 3PAR CLI with an Administrator Account.
  • Execute the following command  addsnmpmgr <OPSTOR_SERVER_IP>
  • To register the manager with the agent, use the addsnmpmgr command followed by the manager’s IP address ie., addsnmpmgr <Manager_IP>
  • If you need to use one of the following options, enter it after the command and before the IP address.
    • -p <port_number> - Specifies the port number where the manager receives traps. The default port 162.
    • -pw <password> - Specifies the manager’s access password, if the manager has one.
    • -r <number> - Specifies the number of times the system will attempt to resend the trap if the manager is not available. You can specify from 1 to 15 retries. The default is 2.
    • -t <seconds> - Specifies the number of seconds to wait between retries. You can set the timeout from 1 to 300 seconds. The default is 200.

NOTE: The InForm OS supports a maximum of 10 registered SNMP managers

  • To view the Registered Manager, execute showsnmpmgr
  • To send a test trap to all registered SNMP managers, use the command checksnmp. Please check the link for further clarification. Reference

Steps to add HP 3PAR Storage Arrays in OpStor

  • Navigate to Admin Tab --> Manage Storage Devices link in OpStor client
  • Provide the IP Address of the array
  • Choose the Device Type as 'RAID'
  • Choose the Vendor as 'HP'
  • Choose the Model as '3PAR'
  • In the Username field, provide the SMI-S provider's username.
  • In the Password field, provide the SMI-S provider's password.
  • Provider the port number at which the CIM agent is running (5989 or 5988)
  • Check whether SSL should be Enabled (https) or Disabled (http)
  • Provide the namespace to connect to the provider. (by default root/tpd)
  • If needed change the Timeout value (default is 180 seconds)
  • Click on Add Device

Note : If the Ping facility is disabled for the device, then please uncheck 'Ping the given IP' field.
Note : In case of non discovery of the device, please follow the troubleshooting tips displayed in the webclient and try re-adding the device.

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