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README for Build 60000

Enhancements & Bug Fixes between Build 58000 & 60000

IP Address Manager:

  1. Identifying the Device Type has been enhanced to include Zebra Net and D-Link Printers.
  2. Publishing the IPAM results has been enhanced to include option to publish in HTML format.
  3. Option to scan subnets by groups has been added.
  4. Issue in updating Sys Name during subnet scan has been fixed.
  5. Search enhanced to include searching using SysName of the device.
  6. The Switch details like the Connected Switch and connected Switch Port of the Virtual IP Addresses will now be shown.
  7. Option to import Device Type and Owner has been included.
  8. Importing IP Address Details from the Subnet Details view can now include MAC Address, System Name and System Description fields. When a new MAC Address gets imported this way, alert notification on new MAC discovery will not happen and the MAC gets moved to the Trusted category in the Rogue Detection Tool.
  9. Option to resolve DNS using nslookup command when OpUtils is installed on a Linux OS has been included.
  10. Issue in exporting the subnet details with the Reserved Status column has been fixed.
  11. Issue in resolving the DNS names of the IP Addresses has been fixed.
  12. Issue in scanning a subnet from the tree has been fixed.
  13. Issue in displaying the IP Availability Status (as Used, Available, or Transient) in the exported results has been fixed.
  14. Time to scan the subnets has been reduced.
  15. OpUtils now uses FireBird version 2.5 to store the data and configuration.

Switch Port Mapper:

  1. Port and IP history clean up policy has been included.
  2. Search in has been enhanced to include the match type as exact or contains and to include custom column values.
  3. Auto-detecting VLAN data of Nortel Passport ERS 8600 series switches has been included.
  4. Issue in exporting the mapping results has been fixed.
  5. Option to change the switch name has been included.
  6. Issue in sending Email Alerts has been fixed.
  7. Option to publish the Switch Port Mapping results in HTML format has been included.
  8. Issue in modifying the ifAlias name in bulk has been fixed.
  9. Switch Port Mapper will now include the history of devices connected to a switch port.
  10. Issue in switches getting deleted in some specific cases has been fixed.
  11. Email notifications have been enhanced.
  12. Issue in retrieving the VLAN ID of Extreme switches has been fixed.
  13. Option to view the Port by Operation Status Last Change Time report for a custom period has been included.
  14. Issue in switches getting deleted when its MAC address is deleted from the Rogue Detection tool has been fixed.
  15. Possible reasons for not detecting a switch port of a detected MAC have been included.
  16. More frequent hourly scan options have been included in Switch Scan Scheduler.
  17. Errors encountered during a switch scan will be shown in the Remarks column in the Switches View.
  18. Importing Switches to the Switch Port Mapper tool will now include the SNMP version.
  19. Issue in creating consolidated report has been fixed.

Rogue Detection:

  1. Issue in rediscovering a device when it has been deleted from Rogue Detection tool has been fixed.
  2. Issue in automatically marking a computer that is available in the Active Directory as Trusted has been fixed.

Bandwidth Monitor:

  1. Data collection issue in Bandwidth Monitor tool (arising out of database dead lock) has been fixed.
  2. Issue in showing multiple entries of the same interface has been fixed.

Config File Manager:

  1. Config File Manager now supports SNMP v3.
  2. Link to knowledge base has been included for errors encountered while retrieving the config files.
  3. Issue in value of "sysname" getting changed in routers/switches has been fixed.
  4. Issue in uploading the config file has been fixed.


  1. OpUtils EXE has been digitally signed.
  2. Issue in running OpUtils on Windows 7 and Windows Vista OS has been fixed.
  3. Issue in displaying non-English characters in user input data has been fixed.
  4. Issue in executing a query when it contains a wildcard character has been fixed in the Query Report.
  5. Logging has been enhanced when a new IP is detected, deleted or updated.
  6. Issue in editing the custom column values from the global search results has been fixed.
  7. Script error on clicking the Add User link has been fixed.
  8. Issue in retaining the old password even after changing the password in the Active Directory has been fixed.
  9. User credentials of the domain that do not have admin privileges will be marked red for easy identification.
  10. Option to schedule execution and emailing of reports has been included for Switch Port Mapper and IP Address Manager reports.
  11. Details of the deleted IP Addresses with Custom Fields will be logged separately in DeletedIPs0.txt file.
  12. Issue in displaying duplicate MAC Addresses in Rogue Detection, IP Address Manager and IP Availability Report has been fixed.
  13. Usability enhanced by providing more informational messages.
  14. Read-only user role has been added.
  15. Hourly scan option has been introduced in Subnet Scan Scheduler of the IP Address Manager tool.
  16. Add Domain link has also been included under the Admin tab.
  17. Ability to authenticate OpUtils users via Active Directory has been included.
  18. Switch/subnet name in the Summary tab has been linked to the corresponding details view.
  19. Home page will now show the top 5 switches and subnets based on their usages instead of Rogue and Inventory charts.
  20. SNMP version can also be specified when adding a router.
  21. Alert Cleanup policy enhanced to specify the max. number of alerts per file and the number of files to maintain.
  22. Issue in running OpUtils in CentOS, which is caused by FireBird installation, has been fixed.
  23. Issue in selecting a computer from the list in the Wake on LAN tool has been fixed.
  24. Issues in OpUtils getting restarted while scanning subnets in IP Address Manager has been fixed.
  25. Global Alert count has been removed from the top of the home page to reduce the page loading time.

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