Configuring Remote Password Reset for Resources in Bulk

(Feature available only in Premium Edition)


Remote password reset is one of the most useful features of Password Manager Pro. As you may be aware, to carry out remote password reset, you need to provide root account/administrator credentials while adding the resource. When you import resources in bulk, you might have to manually edit the resources one by one to enter the credentials, which would be cumbersome. To enable editing of the resources in bulk for entering the credentials, PMP provides the bulk edit option.


You can choose a set of resources and configure remote password reset for the chosen resources in bulk. For every resource type that is part of the chosen list, you can input details that are required to perform remote password resets.


This document explains how to edit the resources in bulk.

How to Edit the Resources in Bulk?

The basic design of the bulk resource edit feature is such that the same configuration will be applied to all the resources of a particular resource type. For example, assume that you want to configure remote password reset for 50 resources -  25 Linux resources and 25 Oracle database resources. Assume that you have chosen all the 50 resources and provide the credentials for Oracle database, the credentials will be applied only to the 25 Oracle database resources. It will not be applied to the remaining 25 resources. However, after applying the credentials for the Oracle resources, if you apply the credentials for Linux resources, it will be updated for the remaining 25 Linux resources.


So, you must ensure that you choose only the resources that have similar configuration. This operation will simply overwrite the current password reset configuration, if any, of the chosen resources.


To edit the resources in bulk for configuring remote password reset:


  1. Go to Resources tab

  2. Select the resources for which you wish to configure remote password reset

  3. Click the link Configure Password Reset from More Options listing


In the UI that opens up,

  1. Select the required 'Resource Type' from the LHS

  2. Enter the credentials based on the resource type chosen

  3. Click Save


Once you do this, the credentials entered by you will be updated for all the chosen resources that were of the same type as the one selected by you in the 'Configure Password Reset' UI.




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