Editing Users

You can edit the details pertaining to existing list of users to change details such as email id, access level, password policy, department and location. Also, you can enable or disable two-factor authentication for any user, anytime.


To edit users,



Important Note: While changing the access levels/ access scope, the following rule would be applied:


If you are an Administrator, you will not be allowed to change your access level or scope (that means, the currently logged in administrator's access level cannot be changed). You will have to request another administrator to do the change.


Deleting Users

Administrators can delete those users who are no longer required. The delete operation is a permanent one and cannot be reverted.


Important Note:


(1) PMP will allow to delete users only if the user/users do not own any resource. If the user(s) own any resource, you need to first transfer the ownership of all the resources to some other Password Administrator.

(2) Currently logged-in user will not be permitted to delete himself/herself


To delete a user or users,



How to delete the in-built 'admin' user?


Before proceeding to delete the admin user, check if the admin user owns any resources. If so, the resources should be transferred to another administrator/password administrator.  


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