Managing Resource Types

You can add as many resource types as you require and manage such resource types from the "Admin" tab. Apart from adding custom resource types, you can provide your own icons for the types, edit the existing types and delete resource types from the database.


PMP provides the option to store digital files, certificates, images and documents too. By default, PMP comes with the following resource types:

Operating Systems

  1. Windows

  2. Windows Domain

  3. Linux

  4. Mac

  5. Solaris

  6. HP UNIX

  7. IBM AIX

Cisco Devices

  1. Cisco IOS

  2. Cisco CatOS

  3. Cisco PIX

Other Network Devices

  1. HP Procurve

  2. Juniper Netscreen

  3. HP iLO

Database Servers

  1. MS SQL Server

  2. MYSQL Server

  3. Oracle DB Server

  4. Sybase ASE

Digital Files/Keys/Licences

  1. File Store

  2. Key Store

  3. License Store


  1. LDAP Servers

  2. VMware ESXi


You cannot delete/edit the above default resource types.

To add a new resource type,

To edit a resource type,



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