Scheduled Password Rotation

(Feature available only in Premium Edition)


Shared administrative passwords are prone to misuse even in a very secure environment and periodic rotation of passwords is very much needed. Manually changing the passwords one-by-one would prove to be laborious. PMP helps in automating the process of changing the passwords periodically for which remote password reset is supported in PMP. Scheduled Password Rotation can be done only at the resource group level.


The prerequisite for using this feature is the proper configuration of password reset either by agentless mode or by deploying agents in the remote resource.


Multiple options are available to set the periodicity of password rotation. Notifications are generated both before and after the password reset task is run, with a consolidated report of the results for each password.  

To add a schedule for rotating passwords of the resources of a group,

Step 1  Settings for sending notification prior to password rotation,

When a password is scheduled to be rotated at a specified time, the users who have access to the present password(s) are to be informed about the rotation operation beforehand - say for example, a day prior to the rotation. Apart from the users directly connected with the passwords to be rotated, any other user could also be informed of the scheduled rotation on need basis.


Pre-Notification Timing




Step 2  Specify the new password to be used

Step 3  Specify the rotation schedule

Actual creation of the schedule for password rotation is done in this step. The schedule can be for one-time rotation or it could be for a recurring one at periodic intervals. Depending on your requirements, choose any one among the options - Once / Days / Monthly / Never. After selecting the option, specify other details as required and click "Next"

Step 4  Settings for sending notification after password rotation

Immediately after the completion of password rotation process, notification could be sent to all those who have access to the passwords regarding the completion of the rotation.  Apart from the users directly connected with the passwords to be rotated, any other user could also be informed of the rotation on need basis.




Note: Password reset tasks scheduled for a password belonging to different groups do not affect each other.



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