SNMP Traps, Syslog Settings

Sending SNMP Traps & Syslog Messages to Management Systems

Password Manager Pro facilitates raising SNMP Traps and/or Syslog messages to you management systems on the occurrence of various password actions and Audit Events.  


SNMP trap sending and Syslog message forwarding is a two-step process:



SNMP Trap Settings

PMP sends a SNMP v2c trap to the desired host and port. The varbinds include the resource name, account name, user name who operated, IP address from which the user operated, date and time and the reason of the operation that resulted in the event.


To specify SNMP trap settings,



Syslog Settings

A RFC-3164 compliant Syslog message will be generated and sent to the configured host and port, using the chosen protocol (TCP or UDP). Default facility name will be AUTH, but you can change it to any of the unassigned facility name form the pick list. The format of the Syslog message sent form PMP will be:



To specify Syslog settings,



Note 1: After carrying out the settings here, You need to select the events for which you wish to generate traps or syslog messages. This can be done from Audit >> Configure Audit and Resource Groups >> Password Actions. Only then, PMP will start sending traps/messages.


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