ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8.2


Complete Help Desk for Managed Service Providers

Product Roadmap

What's new in next release?

The following are the list of features to be released in the new version of ServiceDesk Plus – MSP 8.2. If you would like to request a new feature, click here.

You can try our beta build online at

Work in progress:

  1. Project management with timesheet management
  2. CMDB
  3. Revamped UI
  4. Multi-level approvals in Service Catalog
  5. Addition of inline images or paste images from clipboard in request replying and forwarding
  6. Color themes for individual accounts
  7. Multi-level approvals of Purchase Orders
  8. Addition of work logs to tasks
  9. Import requests from an Excel file
  10. Import contracts from Excel file
  11. 64-bit support
  12. Conversion of incident request to service request
  13. Conversion of technicians as requesters
  14. Creation of Query reports by a non-admin technician
  15. Virtual machine scan
  16. MAC machine scan
  17. Asset depreciation assessment
  18. Switch views between request list and task list

Note: This is just a tentative schedule. Implementation of the feature may vary based on external demand and internal priorities.