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Define the rules, route the ticket

Dispatch your tickets to technicians based on rules. These rules can be created based on custom defined criteria. If the conditions of a rule are satisfied by the incoming request, the rule is executed and ServiceDesk Plus performs the pre-defined actions.

Alert the technicians

You can choose to send E-mail and/or SMS notification to specific technicians everytime a particular business rule is executed. This ensures that the technicians don't miss out on requests.

Cascade rules

There are times when the incoming request more than one business rule, in that case, ServiceDesk Plus has a "cascade" option which goes through all the business rules and performs actions for all the rules that match the request.

Organize the rules

You can prioritize the rules by arranging the rules in an order in which you want them to be executed. If the "cascade" option is disabled, then ServiceDesk Plus will not run the request through other rules once a rule is satisfied.