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Don't let your tickets stay in the queue, unassigned anymore. With the new Auto assign functionality you can automatically distribute the tickets to your technician based on their availability and criticality of the incident. ServiceDesk Plus has introduced Round Robin and Load balancing methods which will address different helpdesk environments. This auto assign functionality from ServiceDesk Plus can now do the job of your helpdesk coordinator automatically.

Round Robin Method

In environments where the helpdesk has same level of skilled technicians who handles all the incoming tickets equally. We can use the round robin auto assign option with which the tickets can be assigned equally to all the technicians in an order and starts again from the same order of the list. This way all the incoming tickets are equally distributed among the available technicians.

Load Balancing Method

In this method the application has the intelligence to consider the existing load of technicians and then distribute the incoming tickets automatically to the available technicians. You can also categorize the technicians into different groups and the application has the intelligence to just allocate ticket to those group members alone.