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Having a menu of available services is critical for raising a new service request. This available list of services can be for a new laptop, new software, file permissions, or even adding a new employee to a department. A help desk without a Service Catalog will not give users the information about the list of services and the time taken for the service delivery.


  • Help the users by giving them a transparent view of the services available.
  • Gives a complete new face for the IT department and improve customer experience
  • Helps technicians to reduce the time spent on responding to user inquiries about the service delivery.
  • Organize the available services based on the user groups and their requirements
  • Understand the trend of services requested and manage your purchases

One view to see services

With ServiceDesk Plus, users will get a clear idea of the services available to them in a single view. Listing of these services can sometimes be difficult when the number of services offered is more. To simplify this, ServiceDesk Plus helps you organize this as Service Categories within which you can mention different services. Depending on the service to be ordered, the user can select the service category listed in their catalog and select the item from the available list.

Define who needs what

Services sometimes cater the needs of all users or some specific user groups. ServiceDesk Plus allows you to group the users based on the job title, department or even sites and allocate what they need. Enabling this gives the user a refined view of the catalog with only services that best suit their needs.

Work Flow management


Configure approvals to define the right process and to make sure that the request fits into the budget. The newly enhanced multi-level approval stages helps in configuring the service request for multiple approvers. Display Approvals tab in the ‘Requests module’ for Requesters which helps in notifying the status of the service request.

Auto-assign technicians:

Assign the technicians automatically through round robin and load balancing methods soon after the service request is approved.

Task management:

Define different tasks for each service and configure their dependencies to get completed in a sequential manner. The ability to select a requester to edit the request and fill in the needed information in Service request is supported.

Service Level Agreements:

Define Service Level Agreements for each service to ensure that the service is delivered as agreed upon time. The Service Catalog can be customized to organizations needs by configuring them to display ‘agreed upon time’ even before creating the service request. *Additional changes made for the new release.

Request Trash

In case you have deleted an service request have no worries.Deleted requests will be stored in a request trash where it can be viewed and restored. The request will be automatically deleted from the trash after 24 hours from the time of deletion. Once a request is moved to the trash, all the related associations will be removed and they are restored once if the request is recovered.