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Serve your end-users and free your technicians

Document the best practices and share solutions of common problems with your end-users through the web-based Knowledge Base in ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus. The Knowledge Base serves as an effective knowledge sharing medium, enabling end-users to self-service the solutions to their problems before contacting the helpdesk team.

The web-based Knowledge Base enables grouping of solutions into specific topics, facilitating end-users to browse for solutions in the Self-Service Portal. By stimulating the use of keywords for each solution, improves the search capability tremendously. The number of views displayed for each solution in the list view shows the usefulness of a specific solution in the Knowledge Base. Furthermore, solutions can be made visible or invisible to specific user groups. This avoids cluttering the end-users view with technical solutions or sensitive information.


ServiceDesk Plus offers the following features for easy knowledge management

  • A robust knowledge base that performs as an effective knowledge sharing medium.
  • An approval process to streamline the quality of solutions and to avoid the creation of unwanted knowledge base articles.
  • Grouping solutions into specific topics and sub-topics to facilitate easier access.
  • Search solutions with the help of specified keywords.
  • Restrict users from viewing complex and technical solutions.
  • Provision to build an effectively Knowledge Base for the help desk team alone.


  • End-users can get solutions to common problems 24x7 from a web browser.
  • Reduce the load on your help desk team.
  • Effective sharing of knowledge improves overall productivity.
  • Easy to use and manage.
  • Reduce your support time and improves end-user service.