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Getting the word out to the right people through emails

It is critical to keep the right users/technicians informed when there is a request that needs their attention. Notification rules let you do that. You can set who gets what notification. Notification rules are divided into groups for Request, Problem, Change and Solution.

Working on it? Keep the users informed!

It feels good to know that someone is working on your problem, the same goes for your IT users. You can send notification emails to the requester, for example, when the user raises a request. There are many more pre-defined notifications that you can enable in ServiceDesk Plus.

Send personalized emails with Customizable templates!

No one likes emails addressed as "Dear Sir/Madam". Get personal with your users. This is possible with ServiceDesk Plus notification rules. You can customize the templates to suit your needs, you can also insert custom variables that can reflect the name of the requester, date on which the ticket was created and so on.