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Product Roadmap

Note: The implementation of features listed below may vary based on internal priorities.
Last Updated : 24 Sep 2014
IDFeatures & EnhancementsRelease
 8230 Attachment to Resolution 2014 (Q4)
6212 Log a call in different Business Units. (Business Unit list will be based on role permission.) 2014 (Q4)
10270 Integrating any third party app for performing desired operations.

 Action Plug-in enhancements for the following types:

  • UI (HTML Form) Invocation
2014 (Q4)
 11242 64 BIT Support    2014 (Q4)
 12159 Marking / Labeling Conversations 2014 (Q4)
11257 APIs for Account, Contact modules. 2014 (Q4)
 11244 Option to Reply from the Request List View 2014 (Q4)
 10271 FLR - First Level Resolution:

Identifying requests which are resolved or closed on the first level which was initially assigned.

2014 (Q4)
8168 On Request reply:
  • Request will be auto assigned to the Support rep who first respond to the unassigned request.

On Request creation:

  • Request will be auto assigned to the Support Rep who created it.
2014 (Q4)
9634 Sending survey in different languages. 2014 (Q4)
 11246 Accounts and Contacts Module for Mobile client 2014 (Q4)
 11247 Request List view Default Column Configuration 2014 (Q4)
 10612 Configuration to schedule reopen requests from Onhold status 2014 (Q4)
 5056 Sub Account field in the Add New Request form 2014 (Q4)
 11250 Add to solution option, along with the Request reply window 2014 (Q4)
 8158 Option to mark it as a private conversation, during the request reply 2014 (Q4)
 10460 Roles for Activities 2014 (Q4)
 10679 Roles for Products 2014 (Q4)
11255 Roles for Reply/Forward Request 2014 (Q4)
  8521 Roles for canned responses 2014 (Q4)
 11256 Role for Edit/Delete reports created by others 2014 (Q4)
 11254 Group based widgets 2014 (Q4)
 6441 "All Time" option in dashboards graphical reports 2014 (Q4)
10082 Ability to support different support plans like 24 X 7, 24 X 5,.. 2014 (Q4)
 10090 Organization Level Agreement (OLA)
Organization Level Agreements among the internal support groups of an organization working together for the customer Service Level Agreement (SLA)
2014 (Q4)
  Upgrading Tomcat 2015 (Q2)
  Chat 2015 (Q2)

Detailed criteria section to send Survey based on conditions