Free VMware Monitoring Tool - Documents

The ManageEngine VM Health Monitor tool helps an administrator to monitor all versions of VMware ESX ⁄ ESXi servers.

This tool connects to the VMware server and generates easy to visualize desktop dashboard reports. Administrator can monitor two VMware ESX ⁄ ESXi servers simultaneously.


This tool fetches the values of following parameters, from servers and populates them in the dashboard, after connecting to an ESX host.

It also shows the following variables of the each guest VM installed in that ESX host.

Settings Dialog

Using this tool, administrator can monitor two VMWare servers simultaneously. Click on the settings icon to fill the following details;

Fill the following details

Click the "Connect" button to connect to the server

Using the tool, administrator can also set threshold values for CPU and memory usage, like critical and warning thresholds.

There are some common threshold parameters for both the hosts. They are as follows;

VM server will be polled every few minutes based on the configuration given in the refresh interval.

Refresh Now

To Know the server’s current status use the Refresh Now icon.

When the refresh icon is clicked the latest values of all parameters are fetched and displayed.

This tool also provides a mechanism to selectively view few hosts which are important to the administrator. The user can use collapse/expand option to selectively view guest VMs.