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ADManager Plus Training

About ADManager Plus

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Installing & Configuring ADManager Plus

  • Installing and Configuring ADManager Plus and describe their purpose
  • Minimum Hardware Requirements
  • Free ports For ADManager Plus To Use
  • Supported Browsers
  • Starting As Windows Service

Create and Managing User Accounts

  • Bulk User creation
  • Bulk User modification
  • Template Based User Creation
  • Finding and Managing Inactive Users

Managing HomeFolders & Profiles

  • Modifying Roaming User Profiles
  • Modifying User Logon Script
  • Creating Users Home Folder

Managing Exchange Attributes

  • Creating Mailbox
  • Creating MailboxEnabled User
  • Creating Mail-Enabled User
  • Configuring Delivery Restrictions, Delivery Options And Storage Limits

Creating and Managing Groups

  • Creating Groups.
  • Managing Group Membership.
  • Deleting Groups

Creating and Managing Contacts

  • Creating A Contact
  • Modifying Contact Properties

Managing Computer Accounts

  • Add/Remove Computers From Groups And Set Primary Groups For Computers
  • Enabling/Disabling Computer
  • Moving Computer Object To A Specified OU

Help Desk Delegation - Role Based Access Management

  • Creating And Editing Role
  • Assigning Role To Help Desk Technician
  • Help Desk Technician Audit Log

Active Directory Reports

  • Reports on Users, Computer, OU, Group, Exchange
  • Security Based Reports
  • SOX Compliance Reports
  • Scheduling Reports

Exhaustive Search for Permissions & Objects

  • ACE's Search
  • Search Users, Groups And Computers


  • Backup And Restoration
  • Upgrade Process
  • Support Process
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