ManageEngine Certification

ManageEngine offers certifications to validate the skills of IT professionals who use our products. Become ManageEngine certified and advance your career in IT Management Solutions. Our certification program helps you become an expert in ManageEngine products. We offer two levels of certifications:

ManageEngine Certified Professional
The basic level of certification

MECP certifies the holder has
basic knowledge about the product

Who can take this? It is intented for those who use ManageEngine products else please check out our training here

Validity - 2 years

ManageEngine Certified Expert
The advanced level of certification

MECE certifies the holder is
an expert in the product

Who can take this? It is intended for those who use ManageEngine products & cleared MECP certification else please check out our training here

Validity - 2 years

You can register here to get certified as an MECP or MECE.

Before you take either certification exam, you will receive a unique login id for future reference.

Upon passing the exam, you will immediately receive an email with a soft copy of your certificate. You will also receive a hard copy certificate -- with authentic ManageEngine seal -- by standard mail.

Register for ManageEngine Certification Exam

ManageEngine Certificate Verification

In order to verify the certificate details, please use the certification ID (eg: MESDP00343 .. ) which was given to you during the examination.

If you have any trouble pulling up the records, kindly mail to


  • How do I register for the ManageEngine certification exams?
    Click here to register.
  • How much does the ManageEngine certification exam cost?
    MECP costs $99 and MECE costs $199. Exam prices are subject to change. Please refer here.
  • Is any ManageEngine training mandatory for taking the exams?
    No, but training could help you to take the exams with ease.
  • How are incorrect answers scored on the exam? Do they deduct points from my score?
    The scoring system for the certification exams assigns points to each correct answer. Incorrect answers receive no points.
  • What is the passing score?
  • How long is the test?
    60 - 70min depending upon the product.
  • How and when do I get my exam results?
    Results appear immediately after you complete the test.
  • Can I schedule my exam?
    Yes, you can schedule it by sending an email to
  • What happens if I don't pass my exam?
    You are allowed to retake the exam, and you must pay the certification charge for each retake. There is no limit on the number of retakes allowed.
  • How long is my certificate valid?
    It is valid for two years.
  • Is the certification program open to everyone?
    This certification is open to everyone except for Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.
  • What is the exam format?
    Multiple choice. However, the MECE exam might include scenario-based questions that will require written answers.
  • How many questions will be on the exams?
    Average 50 - 60.
  • Are there any prerequisites for taking the exams?
    For the MECP exam, there are no prerequisites. For the MECE, you must have a valid MECP certificate.
  • How long does it take to I get my certificate after I take my exam?
    A softcopy of your certificate will be sent to you as soon as you pass the exam. A personalized hardcopy will sent to your mailing address.
  • Do you charge for ManageEngine training?
    We do charge for ManageEngine training; however, you can you make use of our online study materials for free.
  • Does classroom training include hands-on lab format?
    Yes, it does.
  • How many authorized training centers?
    USA - Austin, Texas | Pleasanton, California and in India - Chennai , Tamil Nadu.
  • What if I lose my certificate?
    Contact for a duplicate copy.
  • Is this an "open book" exam?
    Yes, you can check the ManageEngine applications and tools for answers.
  • What if I face an issue while taking up the exam?
  • MECP is very important for proving my qualificaitons and expertise. As far as I know, I'm the first MECP in my country. MECP makes us different and remarkable. Strongly advised to IT professionals.

    - Erman TAŞKIN, IT Manager, Educore Training Consultancy

  • Gaining certification in ManageEngine provided an edge to my skills, by going through the certification i became more aware of the product knowledge and its capabilities.

    - Sameer Gaffar Khan, ServiceDesk Analyst Programmer, Aldar Properties PJSC

  • ManageEngine certification allowed me to show people how solid is my knowledge in the area of ITSM tools. Things changed after certification, my friends and colleagues started to call me often to ask about ManageEngine products. I'm now more confident when talking to people about ManageEngine

    - Sami Abdullah Othman, IT Consultant, IT - PILLARS

  • Certification was with big added value to my team as our customer are seeing us as their professional ME partner and we start to establish a strong relationship. We are now seen as ME technology advisor by our customer and my team are now able to help our customer to select the right product, do the right sizing/Design and provide professional service...

    - Walid Zniti, ManageEngine Strategic Partner - North Africa, GLOBAL IT VISION

  • The certification widened my scope of the product and enabled me to continue developing the solution, managing our complex environment. The knowledge I obtained during the training has led to advancements in our day to day technical operation which not only benefits the department but ultimately the wider organisation.

    - Matt Rooney, IT Desktop Manager, BMI Healthcare

  • The ManageEngine trainings and certifications have been very beneficial for my business, since it helped me learn more about the products and as a result my customers in Puerto Rico receive a better support from our company, Informasi. The ManageEngine's team is very professional and I am honored to be a part of it.

    - Jose F. Amoros, President, at Informasi, LLC