179 Deduction

Save Big With Section 179 Deduction

Deduct Full Software Purchase Cost From Gross Income, That means Direct Savings For you.

The Section 179 deduction is to help small and medium business owners to deduct full software purchase cost from gross income. This means that you save all the taxes that you pay on any off-the-shelf software that does not have custom code. ManageEngine qualifies for the section 179 deduction and with a few days left 2010, rush now to benefit from this scheme.

Section 179 Is About Saving More When You Are Buying More, So Buy More

The whole idea of Section 179 is to offer a single deduction instead of yearly write-offs as depreciation so that small and medium business owners will have more cash in hand to invest back into their businesses.

Here’s a Sample Illustration*:

If you buy ManageEngine Software for $50,000, you get an instant cash savings on software purchase of $17,500 and that leaves the cost after Tax savings at $32,500. (Assuming that you are at 35% tax bracket)

"$179 bonus per $10,000 financed" is being offered through 12/31/2010. This means you can get your equipment, vehicles, and/or software now (and thus get to take advantage of Section 179 in 2010), and get bonus cash as well.



Consult with your tax advisor about Section 179 and how you can benefit from it. Even if you qualify, actual savings may vary based on your tax bracket. This page, its contents, and illustrations are used in the page to give an idea and may not be accurate. Zoho Corporation, ManageEngine, www.section179.org and its owners and partners are not tax advisors and not liable for possible inaccuracies.